Amy Schumer ‘Defends’ Bill Cosby [Video]

Amy Schumer keeps churning out edgy viral videos from her Comedy Central show Inside Amy Schumer. This week she’s brought us another one, covering the touchy topic of Bill Cosby’s rape allegations.

After a shockingly large handful of women came forward accusing the comedy legend of drugging and raping them, the world has been left wondering how much of it is true. Amy Schumer’s new sketch posits a scenario inside the court room of Cosby’s trial and the tactics the attorney would have to resort to in order to defend Bill Cosby.

According to CBS, Schumer plays the role of the defense lawyer fighting the uphill battle against the mountain of accusations. Instead of appealing to reason and evidence to convince the jury that Bill Cosby is innocent, Amy Schumer hilariously appeals to their emotions by playing the theme to the Bill Cosby Show and even a clip. She then asks, “Did anyone feel raped by that?”

Like many of Amy Schumer’s sketches, this one is a parody of a common public perception. Similar to the way her last video with Bill Nye was making fun of the way privileged white people think the universe is sending them secret messages, this video mocks the people who choose to defend Bill Cosby using only his body of squeaky-clean comedy work as an example.

“Let’s break this down logically,” Schumer says to the jury. “I am a good person. I like this good show. Last time I checked, good plus good did not equal guilty.”

She goes on to persuade the jury to find Bill Cosby not guilty simply because they want to remember his famous show as fondly as they always have.

“If convicted, the next time you put on a rerun of The Cosby Show, you may wince a little, might feel a little pang. We don’t deserve to feel that pang. We deserve to dance like no one’s watching, and watch like no one’s raping.”

According to the Huffington Post, the Bill Cosby sketch was a hotly debated topic for the creators of Inside Amy Schumer this season. The writers started working on ideas as soon as the allegations against Bill Cosby made headlines.

“I think we probably talked about this scene more than any other scene we’ve done,” Amy Schumer said.

Check out the full clip in the video above and watch Amy Schumer struggle to defend Bill Cosby.

[Image credit: Getty]