Dennis Sheehan, U2 Tour Manager, Dies Hours After Concert

Dennis Sheehan, a longtime tour manager for the band U2, reportedly died in Los Angeles Wednesday.

TMZ reports that Sheehan was found unconscious early Wednesday morning inside of a Sunset Marquis hotel room.

“Paramedics were called to Sheehan’s hotel room around 5:30 AM for a reported cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead on the scene.”

On Tuesday, U2 kicked off the first performance of a five-night concert stint at The Forum in Inglewood.

Dennis Sheehan reportedly worked for U2 as a tour manager for over three decades.

Sheehan reportedly shared a lot about his experience with the Irish rock band – including how it all started – in a December 1984 interview with U2 Magazine.

“Yeah, 1982. The European tour, the first time I met the band was when they arrived in London. After two weeks on the road they approached me and said, ‘Can we keep you?’… There is something extremely special about U2. Whether it be in their social lives, which they are very particular about, or in their business life, which they are also particular about — they go for the best, and in turn the people that work for them give of their best.”

Sheehan also opened up about a typical work day as the U2 tour manager.

“Well, being called a tour manager doesn’t quite encapsulate all that I do nowadays, purely because of what the music business is like. But a typical working day…It’s dependent on where we are, where we are going to, how we’re getting there. One of the things I do have to do is pre-plan everything, so that by the time the band is on the road, I’m following my own itinerary with that degree of flexibility that there has to be because of the band’s lifestyles.”

Even though he spent decades working with U2 as the band’s tour manager, that is not where Dennis Sheehan’s resume stopped in the world of rock bands and legends. According to TMZ, Dennis Sheehan also worked over the years with such high-profile names as Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, and Led Zeppelin.

[Image Credit: Alternative Nation]