Heather Thomson On Disaster Dinner: ‘Ramona Can’t Get Out Of Her Own Way’

The Real Housewives of New York star Heather Thomson may not be new to the show, but she knows that she can barely say anything without offending someone. And this was very apparent on this week’s episode, as Thomson managed to offend Sonja Morgan’s entire branding team and even Ramona Singer during a dinner.

Of course, Heather Thomson isn’t new to the cast and she knows that Sonja has been working on a company for years. Plus, Thomson and Singer have been trying get along over the past couple of years, but it sounds like these two won’t ever be best friends.

According to a new Bravo report, Heather Thomson is now speaking out about the comments that were made on the show. Thomson may just speak her mind, but it doesn’t always sit well with other people.

“It was in no way meant as an insult to ask Sonja’s business partner for clarification on their strategy for sales and distribution. Sonja describes what she is launching as an “international affordable luxury brand” and one dress worn at a party and in a random ad honestly doesn’t define it for me. But any insights regarding the strategic nature of their launch naturally could…” Heather Thomson explains of her Kmart comment.

Heather doesn’t look down on Kmart, and since none of the other ladies have heard anything about Sonja Morgan’s brand, it makes sense for Thomson to ask questions. There had been no information about when and where this clothing line would be sold, but Morgan is aiming high to get the best possible partnerships.

Heather also butted heads with Ramona Singer during Dorinda Medley’s dinner, where Ramona completely misunderstood Thomson’s compliment. The dinner quickly turned into a screaming match, where Heather ended up just enjoying the caviar. According to the Inquisitr, Heather has been rumored to be at odds with her co-stars.

“This dinner might have been a disaster if it wasn’t for the caviar! We know how much I love caviar. And I’m trying to compliment Ramona while defending the amount of caviar on my plate! I’ve been doing a lot of defending and making excuses for Ramona, but tonight she can’t get out of her own way,” Heather Thomson revealed about Singer.

What do you think about Heather Thomson’s behavior? Do you think she tried to be mean with the Kmart comment, or do you think it was an honest question?

[Image via Bravo]