'Bullseye' Buggy Jump TV Contestants Hope To Win $50,000 Tonight In Premiere With Kellan Lutz, Godfrey

Bullseye, a thrilling new live-action game show, is due to premiere tonight on the Fox TV network. According to the network's website, Bullseye host Kellan Lutz and co-host Godfrey will watch eight contestants use their bodies as human darts and human slingshots in order to win the ultimate prize of $50,000. With three levels of challenges, viewers can expect to see these men and women sailing through the air, flipping over in cars, running atop moving trains, and hanging off of trucks and helicopters as they try to hit the bullseye and win the money. In other words, it's Survivor on steroids.

During the first few rounds, it will be men against men, then women against women, and lastly, it's the men against the women. And don't think for a minute that all of these men and women are stunt people -- the cast is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, from mothers and fathers to Army vets and ballet dancers. Everyone has someone to root for as these people perform the most breathtaking, spellbinding stunts ever.

Bullseye is a one-hour action-packed competition that is sure to make each episode unforgettable. The show promises to be unlike anything you've ever seen before --- keeping viewers glued to their seats. Hercules actor and host Kellan Lutz says he's having a blast hosting the show, and that he hopes to take part in some of the stunts in order to fulfill his everlasting desire to live dangerously. Co-host and comedian Godfrey brings his usual energetic personality to the screen, where he says he's having fun seeing all of the explosions and stunts --- but from a distance. One things is for sure, don't expect any dull moments tonight.

Here's a sampling of the kind of thrill and excitement that you're in for.

Fox viewers have already taken to social media to talk about this new show and have expressed the desire to become the next contestants! Now, that's crazy.
"This looks hella fun, where do I sign up lol"

"How do I sign up to be on this show? This is right up my alley way of adrenaline junky lifestyle"

"I'm in, where do I sign up? ;)"

"How can i be apart of this game show!"

Don't forget to set your timers to find out if these contestants will be able to hit their target. Produced by Endemol Shine North America, Bullseye airs tonight at 8/7c on Fox.

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