UK Customer Finds ‘Bitten-Off Fingernail’ In Nando’s Food, The Manager’s Reaction Was Priceless

A regular customer of Nando’s, a spicy chicken outlet in Preston in the U.K. was shocked when she bit on something crunchy in her forkful of French fries. She found what she believed to be a fingernail in Nando’s food. The manager’s reaction to the incident was priceless.

The Inquisitr recently reported on two scandalous incidents related to KFC fast food outlets in South Africa. In one, a worker was caught hosing down chicken pieces on the concrete outside and in the other a worker was caught sharpening a knife on the dirty pavement outside the restaurant.

It is thus rather ironic that the latest incident involves a U.K. branch of Nando’s, a spicy chicken franchise which originated in South Africa and offers a Mozambican/Portuguese chicken theme. Nando’s in South Africa publicly joked about the first KFC incident, but now might not find things quite so funny.

According to the Visitor, the customer, Laura Barrow, was halfway through eating a forkful of French fries when she encountered a strange, crunching sensation, and it had nothing to do with the fries themselves.

An object was caught in her teeth and when she extracted it, she was horrified to discover what she said was a bitten-off fingernail in Nando’s food, apparently coated in a yellow sauce.

“I was biting through and this hard thing got stuck in my teeth and I thought what the hell is that?”

“I took it out of my mouth and looked down and it was a fingernail.”

“It was horrible, it was all yellow from the sauce and it looked like it had been bitten off.”

She added that thank goodness it wasn’t a child that had eaten the fingernail in Nando’s food, as they could have choked.

The Mirror Online noted that Barrow was totally disgusted and naturally completely put off her food. She then complained to a waiter, who instantly called the manager to handle the situation.

According to Barrow, the manager apologized straight away and then began telling her that this wasn’t the worst thing someone had found in their food at the restaurant, probably not the best admission to make under the circumstances.

“She said someone found a caterpillar in their dinner the week before.”

“I felt physically sick. I just wanted to get out of there.”

According to a Nando’s spokesman, they make “every effort to ensure that our food is served to the highest standard.” However, on inspecting the object found, denied it was a fingernail in Nando’s food.

“Unfortunately, in this case it appears a small shaving from one of the cocktail sticks we use for the flags to show spice level was found in another part of the customer’s dish.”

Headline ‘Fingernail in nandos’ sub heading ‘worse has apparently been found’ only to get to the bottom & it was a cocktail stick

— INTENSE (@IntenseRhys) May 27, 2015

Barrow then received a letter from the Nando’s restaurant apologizing and explaining what the object actually was. She and her boyfriend also received two meal vouchers to enjoy another meal at Nando’s, but she said she is not in a hurry to return any time soon.

“I will go back eventually just not anytime soon, it was disgusting.”

“I am not the sort of person to complain really but I felt like I had to with this.”

After hearing about chicken pieces hosed down and knives sharpened outside at KFC outlets, along with a fingernail in Nando’s food, are any readers put off chicken fast food franchises yet? Let us know below.

[Image: Nando’s CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Scott Beale]