Look Dapper Like Rob Lowe: Actor Launches Cosmetics Line, And It’s Quite Macho

Plenty of actresses and female pop stars have launched their own beauty lines, but now it’s time for a dude to the same. And the right dude for the job is someone who’s made women’s hearts flutter for decades – Rob Lowe. He’s launched a cosmetics line just for the guys.

The motto of Lowe’s line, Profile, is that there’s “no b******t,” which sounds manly enough, he told Women’s Wear Daily.

“Provable results, ingredients that actually work as opposed to sexy-sounding sales gimmicks — it needed to be easy and hassle-free. That was the mission statement. I then built the products which best fit that.”

And when Rob, 51, says he built Profile, he’s not talking nonsense. As he filmed Brothers and Sisters and Parks and Recreation, Lowe was also busy finding financiers, picking out labs to test the products, choosing the products, and designing the packaging.

“I’m not the celebrity endorser, I’m not the face of the product. I’m the developer of it. I have an entrepreneurial spirit,” he said.

His cosmetics are online right now and can be purchased at Nordstrom staring in the fall. They aren’t cheap, but not astronomically-priced either -$24.50 to $59.50. Each one – a cleanser, a shave gel, an aftershave serum, a moisturizer and an eye serum with a rollerball – have an anti-aging component.

Because the guys want to look good as long as possible, too. And there’s no shame in that. Rob has been helping his sons be as suave as their pop since they were teens, according to Today.

“I’ve fathered them through the ‘it’s time to wear deodorant’ phase, through the ‘maybe a little less Axe body spray,’ and now into, legitimately, the ‘what does it mean to groom yourself’ conversation.”

And have no doubt – Lowe’s cosmetics aren’t girly products put in macho-man packaging, but formulated specifically for men’s thick skin. It’s also meant for guys who don’t have access to the professionals who’ve made Rob look so darn handsome all these years.

He won’t stop at these five items – he has plenty more up his sleeve, including a moisturizer with sun block, hair care items, two fragrances, and a “one and done” styling product. Because, even though men want to look good, they don’t have the patience for two-hour grooming sessions like women do.

“Every man should have access to what he needs to maximize his potential and put his best face forward,” he told the Toronto Sun.

So, will these cosmetics make you look like Rob Lowe? Unfortunately not. There’s more to it than just slathering your skin with his Profile cosmetics. But it’s a start.

[Photo Courtesy Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]