49ers Quarterback Sorry For Insensitive Statement After Houston Flooding, Colin Kaepernick Issues Apology

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is sorry for what he said on social media. The professional football player made an insensitive joke shortly after rain pounded Houston and Central Texas, causing catastrophic flooding.

Alongside a picture of cars being half-submerged in flood waters, Kaepernick had stated on Twitter, “I warned you the #7torms Coming!!! #Houston.” Playing on his jersey number seven and how the words “seven” and “storm” both begin with the same letter, he allegedly thought he was being clever.

The population of the major city in Texas was not amused after 11 inches of rain hit on Tuesday. Traffic wasn’t all that was affected, as CNN reported. The McComb family was split up as a tree hit their house and started a chain reaction, sending it down the growing river and breaking apart in the maelstrom.

The McCombs were only one part of the tragedy which struck Texas, leaving several stranded or missing.

Later on Tuesday, Keapernick realized his tasteless error and deleted the offending tweet. The 49ers quarterback said he was sorry in a follow-up tweet.

“No disrespect intended! Prayers up!”

As news spread about the tragic Houston flooding, support began to spread as well. Fox News states that Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson also offered his support for those lost and stranded in Southeast Texas‘ relentless torrents.

“Praying for all the people in Houston … Healing is on the way!”

A flood warning is still in effect for the Harris and Fort Bend counties as of the morning of May 27, so it’s unknown how much longer the torrents will continue. Emergency crews are still searching for those missing, hoping to reunite families and rebuild lost homes.

Colin Kaepernick has apologized for his tasteless joke about the Houston floods, the 49ers quarterback sorry for offending those caught in the tragedy.

[Image via Christian Petersen / Getty Images]