New 'Mona Lisa Touch' Laser Therapy Replacing Hormone Therapy For Vaginal Dryness, Painful Intercourse [Video]

As reported by the Inquisitr, the new laser therapy called Mona Lisa Touch is revitalizing the lives of women who experience vaginal dryness, incontinence, and painful sex.

Now, Mickey Karram, MD of The Christ Hospital Physicians in West Chester Township, Ohio is speaking out about the process — along with women who've been helped by the Mona Lisa Touch therapy, as reported by ABC 22.

Lynn Bisher got married to her new husband, but says she avoided situations where she knew romantic moments could happen because sex was painful for the new bride.

"It was extremely painful."
She didn't want to take hormone therapy. Lynn met with a team that knew how to use Mona Lisa Touch Therapy for vaginal atrophy. Dr. Karram explained exactly who were the best candidates for the laser therapy, which was recently approved by the FDA.
"It's a problem that women develop as they transition into menopause, or as they lose their circulating estrogen for other reasons."
The probe emits laser energy that turns back the clock and helps restore the tissues and condition of the vagina to the youthful state it experienced prior to menopause.

Four out of 10 women go through those types of symptoms of irritation, lower urinary tract problems, infections, etc. He said women tend not to talk about these problems and instead suffer in silence, but Lynn doesn't want to be silent about how the Mona Lisa Touch laser therapy has helped.

"I honestly believe this needs to get out there. There's supposed to be three treatments; I've add two — I felt better after the first treatment three days later. I really believe we need to get the word out to women. It's like night and day."
Lynn and her husband are now experiencing a second honeymoon thanks to the Mona Lisa Touch.

Dr. Karram conducted the first round of tests on women in the United States with his team. Thirteen of the 15 were basically cured of their problem, so he believes the Mona Lisa Touch laser therapy can really help other women. The other two experienced significant improvement, so all of the women experienced benefits.

Three treatments at $600 each are recommended — and as of this writing, the Mona Lisa Touch laser therapy isn't covered by insurance. The follow-up treatment is recommended to take place one year after the initial treatments, however, many women report immediate improvement after the first treatment.

For more information, contact the Christ Hospital Physicians in West Chester Township, Ohio at 7759 University Dr Suite G, 45069 or call (513) 463-2500.

[Image via Fox 45]