Duggar Family Scandal: Media Frenzy Overlooks Key Information In Josh Duggar Allegations

The Duggar family has seen their fair share of heartache in the 20 plus years of raising 19 kids, but the latest scandal involving eldest son, Josh Duggar, has got to be the most difficult. The recent news that Josh Duggar molested minor girls, four out of five were his sisters, has rocked the Duggar family and threatened the future of the popular Duggar reality show, 19 Kids and Counting.

Many reports brush over the facts as headlines lead us to believe that Josh Duggar has been found guilty of molesting minors, which makes this sound like a recent event.

One point many media sites tend to leave out is that Josh Duggar was only 14 and a minor himself when the molestation, which happened to be touching the girls’ private parts while they were sleeping, occurred, as well as the fact that the incident happened 12 years ago. This does not excuse his behavior. However, Josh Duggar came forward himself to tell his parents what he’d been doing. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar procured counseling for their son, as well as for all the girls. The authorities were notified, and Josh Duggar faced the consequences for what he’d done.

Josh Duggar has never tried to make excuses for his behavior, which he calls “inexcusable.” What he has done, though, is change his actions, which should be commended. His sisters have long ago forgiven him, and this scandal is ancient history for the Duggar family. We must wonder what malevolent person dug up this old Duggar dirt.

Is the Duggar family held to a higher standard because they are Christians? And if so, is that fair? Being a Christian does not mean that one is a saint and should do no wrong. Every person on this earth deals with their own demons, which sometimes results in regrettable behavior. Being a Christian simply means that one tries to follow the example set by Jesus Christ, to love others and always strive to make the right decisions. But like the rest of us, the Duggar family is not perfect. Should the Duggar family be more severely punished because of their faith, or forgiven as Jesus teaches us to forgive?

It might be shocking to learn that other beloved celebrities have done horrendous things in their past, according to Forever Celeb. Tim Allen, voice of the mighty Buzz Lightyear and fearless tool man from Home Improvement, was arrested in 1978 for the possession of a whopping 650 grams of cocaine. Will Smith, sweet boy from The Prince of Bel Air and countless movies in which he stars as the hero, faced charges (which were later dropped) in 1989 for criminal conspiracy, assault, and reckless endangerment. Mark Wahlberg, a.k.a. Marky Mark, found early fame as a teen idol and went on the enjoy a lifetime of successful acting, which is still in full swing today. In 1986, Wahlberg was charged with assault and attempted murder after attacking a man with a stick, resulting in the man’s loss of sight in one eye.

Do any of these issues hound the stars today? No, because they are in the past and have been dealt with accordingly, just as the Duggar family has dealt with their problems.

Why is the Duggar family, and Josh Duggar in particular, being punished for acts committed over a decade ago when they were successfully addressed at the time? Is the Duggar family being unfairly victimized? What do you think?

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