J.Lo Confetti Bombed: Jennifer Lopez, Abs Hit With Confetti At LAX

J.Lo was confetti bombed at LAX on Tuesday. According to Page Six, the American Idol judge was walking through the airport when clown Richie the Barber approached her and hit her with confetti. The report indicated that Jennifer Lopez was annoyed after the incident and that she was trying to get the small bits out of her hair — which was noticeably shorter. Meanwhile, Richie the Barber was thrilled that he ambushed such a huge celeb.

“I confettied J Lo at the L.A.X airport. E! news exclusive….. I’m back baby!!!!! Clown Power!!!” Richie wrote on Instagram after the attack.

J.Lo was confetti bombed while wearing a cropped Michael Kors sweater according to Mail Online. While a lot of people couldn’t help but check out her incredible abs, the sweater was actually a magnet for confetti, and that pretty much ruined the whole look.

Regardless, Lopez made it to TSA without further incident and managed to get herself completely cleaned up before she arrived in Morocco. She posted a photo on Instagram just moments ago, and not one piece of confetti can be seen.

Last year, Richie the Barber ended up pulling the same prank on two other famous people. Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian got confetti bombed.

“In April 2014, the reality star sisters were confetti bombed by the tattooed clown after a spot of shopping at The Rug Company. As Khloe swiftly reacted by trying to brush it off, Kourtney did not even break a stride as she continued to walk back to her car,” reports Mail Online.

Check out pics of J.Lo after she was confetti bombed below.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Jennifer Lopez has been making headlines every other day lately. The 45-year-old mother of two has been showing off her incredible body, most recently in a sexy one-piece for Us Weekly. Before that, J.Lo was in the news for her “reverse cleavage” at the Billboard Music Awards. Confetti or not, Lopez still has it.

[Photo by David Buchan/Getty Images]