MTV’s Leah Messer Rehab Update: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star’s Children Split Among Relatives

MTV’s Leah Messer has reportedly been in rehab since May 3, and according to a May 27 report by Radar Online, the Teen Mom 2 star’s three children, Ali, Aleeah, and Adalynn, have been split up among their relatives.

The site claimed the youngest daughter of MTV’s Leah Messer, Adalynn Faith Calvert, whose father is Messer’s estranged husband, Jeremy Calvert, is being cared for by Messer’s sister, Victoria, and her husband, Brian. Meanwhile, her older twins, Ali and Aleeah Simms, appear to be splitting their time between their father’s home and their grandfather’s home.

Last weekend, Corey Simms, who was married to MTV’s Leah Messer for just six months, shared a series of photos of the twins fishing at a pond. His father, Jeff Simms, also mentioned the girls on social media.

MTV’s Leah Messer has stayed quiet about her alleged rehab stay, but, as the Inquisitr previously reported, her mother has been vocal, claiming the reality star and mother of three does not have a drug problem. Prior to Messer’s reported entry into treatment, Dawn Spears shared a message on Facebook.

“TRUE FANS listen up. Leah is NOT going to rehab lol. This is Momma Dawn and I 100% ASSURE you that Leah is NOT going to a DRUG REHAB. Lots of LOVE to the true fans. all will come out on the upcoming show about Leah Dawn Calvert, Jeremy, Corey,Miranda, and the babies. But rest assure I HATE drugs don’t want association with them and wouldn’t NEVER Condone them.”

MTV’s Leah Messer has reportedly been struggling with an addiction to Adderall, and on Teen Mom 2, she appeared to let fans in on her struggles during Season 5. While filming the series, Messer was prescribed another form of medication, which made her appear out of it. She even admitted during one scene to feeling “druggy.”

In addition to the reality star’s alleged rehab stay, MTV’s Leah Messer has been dealing with reports of cheating and a divorce. For the last few months following claims of having slept with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd (the same man she slept with hours before marrying her first husband), Messer and her husband of just three years have been estranged.

For more of MTV’s Leah Messer, tune into Teen Mom 2 Season 6, when the new series premieres on July 9 at 10 p.m. No word yet on whether or not Messer’s reported stay in rehab will be featured on the show.

[Photo via Twitter]