‘The Briefcase’: Fans Call CBS TV Show ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Exploitive’ Of Families Who Need Money

The Briefcase is the newest exciting show that will premiere on CBS at 8/7c. What would you do if you were handed a briefcase filled with $101,000? Tonight’s hit show will answer that question for a number of people. From the creators of The Biggest Loser, The Briefcase will feature 12 poor and financially struggling families from all over the nation who are given the opportunity to keep the $101,000 that they have in a briefcase.

During today’s tough times, $101,000 is enough to dig many people out of the financial binds that plague their lives, including student loans, car notes, house payments, and medical bills. But, what seems like a dream come true will turn out to be a nightmare for some of these couples as they learn that another struggling family needs the money just as much as they do.

The kicker is that the family with the briefcase must step into the lives of the other family, learn their heart-breaking situations, and then make a decision on whether or not to keep all of the money, share some of the money, or give all the money to the other family in need.

The decision will be made over a period of 72 hours. During this time, CBS viewers will catch a glimpse of the absolute turmoil that some of these families will go through in order to make the right decision for themselves. What each family doesn’t know is that the other struggling family also has a briefcase of $101,000 and must make the same decision. This is something the couples will not learn until they are flown out to Los Angeles for the big reveal.

Cruel? Well, sadly, both sides will have something to lose. The family that chooses to keep the money will be seen as discompassionate and greedy, while the family who decides to share or to give it all away will return to their lives without the money that they so desperately need.

Some CBS viewers are already grumbling about the basis for The Briefcase, stating that the new television reality show is a “disgusting” exploitation of needy and poor families who will go through a range of deeply raw emotions as they come to a decision. What is more, many believe that The Briefcase is nothing more than cruel manipulation that will pit families members against one another all for the purposes of entertainment and ratings.

Take a look at some of the Facebook comments from CBS fans.

“This is a disgusting show.”

“You people are enormous POS for doing this. Disgusting”

“I am boycotting your network till this show is GONE”

“How DARE you exploit poor and working people for ratings! How unbelievably evil! How classist!”

“This is sadistic, can’t find another word for it.”

“What a stupid perverted show! Give someone money and if they keep it, make them feel guilty about it.”

This week’s The Briefcase will feature the stories of the Bergins and the Bronsons. Here are the bios, according to CBS.

“The Bergins are a fun-loving and hardworking family.()facing some medical issues.

“Dave is an American hero who was severely injured serving his country in Iraq() and was awarded the Purple Heart by President George W. Bush.”

What decision will these families make? Will they put their own needs aside to make some one else’s dreams come true, or will they take the money and run? Tune in to CBS tonight to see what these families decide. After the show, give us your opinion of CBS‘ latest TV show.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]