Watch And Imagine A World Where Men Had Menstrual Cycles [Video]

Since forever there has been either taboo about women’s menstrual cycles or jokes mocking their hormonal tantrums during their periods.

Now, all in a good cause, WaterAid have put together several spoof adverts showing what the world would be like if men had menstrual cycles instead. They reckon it would definitely be a lot more fun (for women anyway!).

As WaterAid state in the description on the above video, menstrual cycles would then be a sign of virility and various hashtags, including #ifmenhadperiods, would go viral.

“If men had periods they would be considered a sign of virility, men would brag about them on Facebook, #imonmyperiod would probably trend regularly on twitter, and tampon adverts would be fronted by celebrities.”

The spoof ads are part of the “If Men Had Periods” campaign, launched by Wateraid to raise awareness to the 1.25 billion women in this world who have no access to safe water and toilet facilities during their periods. The campaign managers are asking viewers of the spoof videos to sign their “Make It Happen” petition to help these women enjoy the dignity they deserve.

According to the WaterAid campaign, they asked 2,000 women what would happen in the the world of sport if men did, indeed, have menstrual cycles, and reportedly 78 percent thought that things would change drastically. Twenty-nine percent said that the sports commentators would openly discuss how a particular player’s period would affect their performance on the field.

On a more serious note, Barbara Frost, WaterAid’s Chief Executive Officer said in a statement that, “Every day 800 million women have their period, and yet most of us consider it an embarrassing and taboo subject.”

“There are even elaborate euphemisms to avoid saying the word ‘period’. So we have had a bit of fun trying to imagine whether attitudes would be different if men had periods.

“Menstruation is an important women’s issue. One in three women around the world do not have access to a toilet during their periods and having to find a safe place after dark is both undignified and risky. Millions more suffer discrimination because of beliefs that they are ‘contaminated’ or ‘impure’.

“Stigma about menstruation means women do not seek the help and information they need, while the lack of hygiene facilities in schools is a major reason for young girls dropping out of education when they reach puberty”

The subject of menstrual cycles has also drawn many strange myths in various countries across the world with Nepal believing menstruating women are impure, with the women often being banned from their own homes and families during their cycle.

According to the Mirror Online, some Nigerians believe that should you touch women during their menstrual cycles, plants will die, milk will immediately curdle and mirrors will lose their brightness.

However, it is not only in third world countries that taboos exist. Apparently in the U.K. some people still believe that should you swim in the sea during a menstrual cycle, this can increase the chances of being eaten by a shark (cue the Jaws theme).

On the petition page of the WaterAid website, there is a quote from a lady called Sallay from Kotimahun in Sierra Leone, stressing how much safe water and toilet facilities would mean to them, not only during their menstrual cycles but as a life solution.

“If we had access to safe water, taps and toilets, one of the things I would be happy about is that we would be free from waterborne diseases – not just for me, but for the whole community.”

For the average person in the U.S.A. or U.K., it is hard to imagine the suffering these women go through on a regular basis. We can, at least, laugh at the idea of men suffering through menstrual cycles instead and how they can share their NASA-invented “manpons,” but everyone should bear in mind how serious the problem really is.

One more of the WaterAid spoof ads is included below showing men around the photocopier, bragging about their PMT in the office. These ads certainly put the “men” back into menstrual cycles!

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[Image: Screen grab from YouTube video]