Sam Smith Likens Himself To The Beatles, Reveals Secrets Behind His Songs On One Year Anniversary Of Debut Album

Sam Smith continues to live in silence following his recent vocal cord surgery, as the Inquisitr reported a couple of days ago.

His vow of silence has not prevented him from celebrating the one year anniversary of his debut album In The Lonely Hour, Zee News reported.

Given his vocal limitations, Sam Smith spent much of the day yesterday on Twitter, tweeting details about each song and the writing process using the hashtag #HappyBirthdayITLH.

Sam Smith started out by announcing the one-year anniversary and thanking his fans.

He then posted on Instagram, noting the success of his debut album and likening his success to that of the Beatles.

“In The Lonely Hour is 1 year old today! In the UK it has spent 51 out of 52 weeks in the album chart top 5 (one week at #6)! The last act to achieve that on their debut was The Beatles! #HappyBirthdayITLH”

Next, Sam Smith invited fans to stream the entire album for free using Spotify, E! Online reported.

On his website, Sam Smith added that when a certain number of people had listened to the album, an exclusive competition would be revealed.

“As people across the world listen together, you will see the map light up bit by bit. The more people listening, the brighter the map becomes… When the map is illuminated it will reveal an exclusive In The Lonely Hour competition, giving everyone who has helped the chance to win some exclusive signed items. I’ll also join you to listen to the album and share some of my favourite ‘In The Lonely Hour’ memories.”

Sam Smith then went on to listen to the album himself and tweeted his favorite memories and secrets behind each song. Follow along as we go through the playlist of Sam Smith’s In The Lonely Hour one by one, learning his secrets behind each song.

Money On My Mind

Good Thing

Stay with Me

Leave Your Lover

I’m Not The Only One

I’ve Told You Now

Like I Can

Life Support

Not In That Way

Lay Me Down

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[Photo: Frazer Harrison and Hulton Archive / Getty Images]