Boko Haram Commander Among 30 Killed In Gun Battle With Nigerian Troops

In a fire fight in the Nigerian border town of Mafa, Nigerian troops engaged and killed thirty Boko Haram fighters, one of which was a Boko Haram commander. The gun battle between Boko Haram and Nigerian forces took place at the border with Nigeria and Cameroon, the International Business Times reported. Major General Chris Olukolade said about the battle with Boko Haram:

“Troops successfully repelled a terrorists in Mafa towards the border. The terrorist, who is also an Amir by status and believed to be of foreign descent, is among about 30 terrorist fighters who died in the encounter while many others fled with wounds.”

The battle was an attempt from the Nigerian military to take back areas captured by Boko Haram in recent years, ever since the Islamic terror group began their insurgency in 2009. Nigerian troops have been working to recapture Mafa, which is in the Borno state.

The Boko Haram commander, whose identity has yet to be disclosed, was found with thousands of Euros when he was killed during the gun battle on Saturday. Information about the gun battle between Boko Haram and Nigerian military forces was finally disclosed by Nigeria’s Director of Defense Information, Olukolade, in a press release statement on Monday. Olukolade said about the Boko Haram commander and the money he was found with:

“Thousands of Euro currency were found on the body of a terrorist commander after troops successfully repelled a terrorist attack on Mafa towards the border,”

According to Olukolade, the Boko Haram commander was among the highest Amir cadre. Olukolade also stated that many of the surviving Boko Haram fighters fled the battle, many of which had gunshot wounds. Olukolade said that no Nigerian troops were wounded or killed in the gun battle with Boko Haram. Military equipment was damaged during the gun fight. Nigerian military were able to seize weapons and vehicles from Boko Haram after the fire fight. Olukolade said about the Boko Haram militants,

“The terrorists also lost a number of weapons and equipment, including the captured 13 rifles, a machine gun, rocket propelled grenade tubes and several other assorted ammunition. A Toyota Buffalo vehicle was also recovered from the terrorists. Two of their armored vehicles were also destroyed in the battle… Mopping up operation is ongoing in the general area,”

Boko Haram have caused the deaths of thousands of people in Nigeria and the surrounding countries since they began their campaign to create a caliphate, as reported by the Inquisitr.

[Photo credit: Social Extremely/ Flickr]