WWE Rumors Round-Up: Seth Rollins Vs. Triple H, Samoa Joe’s Contract Update, Brock Lesnar Leaving UFC, Kurt Angle In WWE

The rumor mill never rests in the world of WWE, and that includes a lot going on with those in NXT as well. Lately, a lot of the focus in the rumors has been on Brock Lesnar and his return, but there is a lot that has to do with Triple H too. Seems like he is following in the footsteps of his father-in-law, Vince McMahon, and knowing how to be in the middle of it all.

WWE is leading to Seth Rollins vs. Triple H in future

Ever since the Curb Stomp was banned by WWE, Seth Rollins has taken to using the Pedigree, and looks to be on his way to becoming for The Authority who Triple H was for The Corporation so long ago. Rumor has it though, that WWE is actually leading to Rollins feuding with Trips in the future.

Bleacher Report states that, after Dean Ambrose, a feud with Roman Reigns is likely in the cards for Rollins. After that, a feud could be in the works with Triple H as Rollins gets sick and tired of being bossed around and leaves The Authority for good.

Triple H may end up not being so happy that Rollins is using his Pedigree too.

Samoa Joe’s WWE deal was masterminded by Triple H

The deal that Samoa Joe has with WWE and NXT is unlike any that has ever been given to any superstar. Triple H is reportedly the driving force behind the deal between Joe and WWE, and that meant allowing him to still be able to take indy bookings.

Not only will he work indy dates already in place, but future bookings he makes as well. Even if Samoa Joe does appear at Elimination Chamber on Sunday, that may not mean he’s called up to the main roster for good.

Then again, those rumors of him debuting in NXT this past week weren’t supposed to be true either.

The real story behind Brock Lesnar leaving UFC for WWE

When Brock Lesnar stepped onto the set in Los Angeles for ESPN SportsCenter, only three people knew what he was going to say, per Wrestling Inc. Former UFC head of public relations, Jennifer Wenk, wasn’t one of them, but she still ended up with a role in his leaving MMA.

She got the notice to set up the announcement but still wasn’t told what it was that Lesnar had decided to do. Paul Heyman and Dana White ended up with Lesnar at ESPN, and it was revealed that UFC offered the “Beast Incarnate” a lot of money to stay, but he still ended up leaving for WWE.

The full interview can be found at MMA Junkie.

Kurt Angle has serious heat with WWE

When Kurt Angle’s contract with TNA had run out, he ended up having some discussions with WWE about a return, but stayed with TNA. Well, word is that Triple H was not happy with Angle going over his head to speak with Vince McMahon about a return.

Angle has since said that he doesn’t “think that Triple H and I have any problems with each other.” Still, rumors persist that the two are not on the best terms, at least as far as Triple H is concerned.

Either way, don’t look for Kurt Angle to ever have one last hurrah in WWE.

Some may think that Triple H having his name in the news and rumors so much may be bad for WWE, but actually, it’s quite good. He has Seth Rollins as champ, kept Brock Lesnar from leaving for UFC, brought in Samoa Joe, and is keeping TNA at a far arm’s length. That…is what’s best for business.

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