Bizarre UFO Light Seen By Thousands Over Northern China Sparks Fears Aliens Are Coming

Thousands of people from different provinces of northwestern China, as far apart as the Shaanxi Province, the Ningxia Hui and Inner Mongolia Autonomous regions — an area covering a distance of more than 1,000 km — reported seeing a UFO object which left an unusual trail of light in the sky on May 23.

The UFO appeared about 10 kilometers from the ground as a bright and blazing streak of light leaving a bright spiral trail in the night sky. It was clearly visible in the sky, forcing thousands of people to stop and stare wondering what was happening.

Many curious residents snapped photos of the strange phenomenon and uploaded them to social media. Questions about the nature of the blazing UFO light in the night sky sparked a heated debate on Chinese social media with a cacophony of theories purporting to explain the sighting.

Some even associated it with mythical dragons of Chinese tradition.

Speculation that it might have been an alien UFO sparked rumors that aliens were about to land in China.

“I believe it could be a cloud but looking at the times the posters claim the photos were taken it doesn’t quite seem right. Is it the scene of a rocket launch? I feel it may be interpreted as a UFO,” a social media user @ArchMaoyaning commented.

An eyewitness Hu Yin, said, “It was clearly visible in the sky and many people simply stopped what they were doing just to watch it because it was so unusual.”

A Chinese astrologer Hui, said, “It could be something out of this world. They do usually streak through the sky leaving a straight or slightly curved tail but a curly plasma tail is also possible.”

Many locals speculated that it might have been a UFO of extraterrestrial origin, while others speculated it was a new type of weapon being tested by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Others said it was probably a new spacecraft being launched.

Despite speculations, rumors and conspiracy theories that it might be a new weapon being tested by the PLA or the launch of a new spacecraft, the Chinese authorities issued no official statement in response.

However, experts were unanimous that it was not a meteorite and dismissed suggestions that it was an alien UFO, saying it was most likely a rocket.

Quoting the People’s Daily Online, the Daily Mail reports that although the Chinese authorities made no statement about the sighting, the official Civil Aviation Authority’s publication, Hangkong Wuyu, suggested that it might be a rocket launch.

Some Chinese military experts who spoke to the state-run Global Times said the light was almost certainly due to human activity and that the photos appear to show a smoke trail from a rocket launch. But some experts felt it could also have been caused by a freak atmospheric phenomenon.

The overall consensus among military and aviation experts was that the light was due to a rocket test launch and that the Chinese military was certainly involved.

One social media user said it might be linked to military exercises by the PLA in the Gobi and Ordos deserts.

A social media user from Zhejiang concluded firmly, “Whatever it is, the government knows for sure.”

But some UFO enthusiasts insisted that the light as an authentic UFO sighting, saying that they detected orbs in a triangular formation and a “cloaked” UFO above the spiral of light.

[Images: via Express; The Daily Mail]