Dallas Cowboys Rumors: If Adrian Peterson Doesn’t Get Traded, He May Retire From The NFL

Darren McFadden and Joseph Randle are set to be the primary running backs for the Dallas Cowboys as of this time. Sure, the rumors of trading for Adrian Peterson keep coming up, but nothing has really happened at all. Well, something may end up happening soon. It’s possible that if Peterson doesn’t get the trade he truly wants, he may end up retiring from the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL.

Peterson has already let it be known to the Vikings that he is not going to attend the Offseason Training Activities (OTAs) for the Vikings. He doesn’t have to, as they are voluntary for most veterans, but he’s also risking losing a $250,000 bonus by doing this.

Now, how long will he hold out? Will he take the fines and skip mandatory minicamps and training camp? Will he actually retire?

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports believes that if the standoff continues between Adrian Peterson and the Vikings, then the retirement card could be played or at least threatened. There’s still plenty of time for this to happen, and it may.

La Canfora still believes that if a trade is going to happen now that the NFL Draft 2015 has passed, it would likely be with the Dallas Cowboys.

“Short of the Cowboys, whose recent dalliance with a host of broken-down or never-were running backs at a recent tryout speak to the voids remaining in their backfield, with Jerry Jones the ultimate wild card, I really can’t see anyone matching up with a trade partner this late in the game.”

He may have a point there, as Jerry Jones really might be crazy enough to offer up that much money and the amount of players or draft picks needed to acquire Adrian Peterson. Jones has said he’d be willing to trade away the team’s 2016 first-round pick to make them better now.

Getting out of football and actually using retirement really is a big threat, but is it feasible for Peterson to do it? The Dallas News doesn’t really believe so, and they think it would be nothing more than an empty threat.

“Retirement gives Peterson no leverage. He can’t retire to simply break his contract then return to play for another team. I’m not sure what’s happening in Minnesota at the moment equals an end-game for Peterson to wind up in Dallas…”

Yet another good point made as Peterson retiring doesn’t allow his dream of playing with the Dallas Cowboys, or any other team, to actually happen. Retirement does nothing but hurt both Peterson and the Vikings, since he can’t go anywhere else and they lose a fantastic running back.

It’s really hard to believe that the Cowboys would go into a season with running backs that are past their prime, before it, or have never really shown NFL-caliber play. Some other options could be the signing of free agent running back Ray Rice, or making a trade with the Chicago Bears for Matt Forte.

Adrian Peterson wants out of Minnesota and never wants to play for the Vikings again. The rumors have him playing for the Dallas Cowboys or going ahead with retirement. If the Vikings have their way, he’ll be in a purple, gold, and white uniform for the 2015 season.

[Image via Vibe]