May 26, 2015
‘Grace Of Monaco’ Screenwriter: Lifetime Version Of Movie ‘Better Than' Cannes Version

At one point, the Grace Kelly biopic Grace of Monaco was considered to be an Oscar contender. But as TV Guide reports, claims of inaccuracy, numerous edits, poor reviews, and other issues pushed the film from being a possible contender to a television movie on the Lifetime Channel. And the person who wrote the Grace of Monaco screenplay, Arash Amel, opened up about what he thought of the film that went from being highly anticipated to nothing.

On his Twitter page, Amel conducted a live tweet during Monday night's premiere of Grace of Monaco. As the movie was playing, the screenwriter provided commentary about how he thought the final version of the film turned out, some of the things that went on behind the scenes, and he also took questions from those who were following along.

The Grace of Monaco screenwriter certainly had fun with commenting on how the final cut of the movie came out, pointing out how bad the ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) and music were.As the screenwriter pointed out in his set of tweets, the Lifetime version of Grace of Monaco ended up being the "third edit" of the film. But he did give it some praise.But the one thing that the screenwriter did not do during the entire live tweet was attack the Grace of Monaco cast. Actually, he praised them.And while he tweeted out quite a lot during the Grace of Monaco premiere, there was a promise of more than what was already mentioned.Did you watch Grace of Monaco? If so, what was your reaction?

[Image credit: The Weinstein Company via Page Six]