'Breaking Bad' Gets A Book And A Bar

Even though AMC's Breaking Bad is dead and buried as far as new seasons and episodes are concerned, it seems no one told the merchandising department. So far this week, a new book has hit the shelves, and a Breaking Bad themed bar has also opened.

Sterling has released a book, Breaking Bad: The Official Book, by David Thomson. In it you can find out all about the series, including an episodes guide, photos from the series as well as on set, interview with showrunner Vince Gilligan, and trivia. Breaking Bad: The Official Book by David Thomson retails for $19.95 and is available via Sterling, Amazon, and all of the other usual book retailers.

According to Amazon, here is the blurb.

Breaking Bad The Official Book by David Thomson. Photo Credit: Sterling

"One of the most critically acclaimed series ever produced, Breaking Bad (Sony Pictures Television/AMC, 2008–2013) won legions of avid viewers who debated its every nuance as they followed the evolution of terminally ill high-school teacher Walter White as he became the drug kingpin Heisenberg. This one-of-a-kind book—the ultimate official guide to the show—covers the evolution of Breaking Bad from the pilot to the final episode and beyond. Adapted and expanded from Breaking Bad Alchemy, the interactive e-book for the iPad, it highlights the unique elements that made the series so magnetic. The book is filled with insider secrets about the making of the show and the meanings behind its iconography, as well a complete Breaking Bad timeline; in-depth looks at the series' groundbreaking cinematography, music, and special effects; exclusive interviews with creator Vince Gilligan; and new text from noted film critic David Thomson. Bad fans will enjoy the book's updated design, more than 100 new images, and perceptive captions. Renowned critic David Thomson reveals an extensive interview with Vince Gilligan just for this edition, and provides an insightful introduction—arguing that Breaking Bad is not only a great show, but one of the most significant works of fiction in the new century. In addition to exploring how this epic series came to be, Thomson sets Breaking Bad in the context of both crime literature and long-form television."
Now, for the Breaking Bad inspired bar. According to KRQE News 13, the bar will open in London and will offer cocktails -- not blue meth. However, this bar will not be like all the other bars currently residing in London. Instead, it will be a pop up bar called ABQ. An R.V., just like the one Walter White and Jesse used, will feature, and patrons will be able to "cook" up their own cocktails with the assistance of ABQ staff. $47 will buy you two drinks. KRQU News 13 reports the R.V. will be able to hold 22 patrons, but don't think because it is a pop up style bar, this Breaking Bad experience will be easy to get into. Already, ABQ has more than 18,000 reservations! ABQ will open in July.

At least these two new items are better than the ransomware that hit Australia recently using Breaking Bad inspired threats and images.

[Image credit: AMC / Sterling]