Asifa Mirza Says Reza Farahan Instigated Her Fight With Bobby In Thailand, Bobby Says He’s ‘Beat’ From Relationship

Monday night’s episode of Shahs of Sunset showed the group taking a vacation in Thailand. Yet, instead of everyone relaxing and having fun, there was a lot of fighting, courtesy of Asifa Mirza and her on-and-off boyfriend, Bobby Panahi. Reza Farahan, who organized the trip, blasted Asifa and Bobby for ruining it for everyone. Reza especially thought that it was thoughtless for Asifa and Bobby to fight like that during what was originally supposed to be his and his fiancé’s, Adam’s, wedding trip, when he was going through his own emotional turmoil.

As the episode aired, Asifa posted a tweet in which she made clear that Reza shouldn’t put all the blame on her and Bobby. Asifa said that Reza instigated the fight.

It was after Reza and Bobby talked about his relationship with Asifa during a massage appointment that Bobby lashed out at Asifa and said that they needed to break up. Clearly, Asifa thinks that Reza said something that caused Bobby to behave in such a way towards her. Asifa tweeted that Reza revved Bobby up.

Reza certainly doesn’t think he did anything wrong. In his latest blog post, Reza commented that Bobby finally stood up for himself in Thailand. Yet, Reza wishes that Bobby confronted Asifa some other time.

“I was thinking that Bobby must have found his balls in Thailand, because up until that point, he was a doormat for Asifa. My second thought was: ‘OH F*** NO!’ These two fools better not go there and ruin everyone’s vacation. It took everything in me to keep it together for everyone, yet for Bobby and Asifa it wasn’t even a consideration.”

In a Shahs After Show web episode that was posted after Monday night’s episode, Reza Farahan, along with Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi and Mercedes “MJ” Javid, slammed Asifa Mirza and Bobby Panahi for arguing so viciously with one another during the Thailand trip. GG and MJ said that Asifa and Bobby should have had more consideration for what Reza was going through at that time in his life and the fact that he paid for the entire thing. All three also said that they, knowing what they know now, would have even preferred hanging out with Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido in Thailand rather than Asifa and Bobby.

Asifa believes that Bobby purposefully tries to make her the villain in front of her friends. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Asifa said that when Bobby feels hurt by her, he’ll try to get her friends to dislike her in retaliation.

As for whether Asifa and Bobby are currently together now, the two are keeping people guessing. In response to someone who advised him on what to do to help Asifa heal and move on, Bobby said that he has done everything and that he’s “beat.”

Asifa Mirza, meanwhile, hinted that viewers will see her and Bobby Panahi back together later on Shahs of Sunset.

[Photo by Robin Marchant / Getty Images]