May 27, 2015
James Mongiat: Fed-Up Husband Records Wife's Temper Tantrum On Video, Then Leaves Her — Bullying?

James and Whitney Mongiat got married back in May of 2012. A little over a year later, they split up. Why? Well, it may have something to do with this video that James posted online — a video that he secretly recorded on his phone while the couple was arguing over whether to go get the tires rotated in James's truck, or go to "the lake."

As one might imagine, Whitney preferred the lake, and in the video she let her husband know in no uncertain terms. In fact, she appears to throw a quite a temper tantrum, while James does his best to keep his cool.

The video that James Mongiot took of Whitney's tantrum can be viewed above. Be warned — it contains repeated use of profanity.

The video was actually first posted way back in June of 2013, but it's going viral this week thanks to some renewed media coverage, as often happens with YouTube videos. But clearly, there are plenty of curious people intrigued by a glimpse inside of another couple's dysfunctional relationship, because on one YouTube page alone, of the several that reposted the video, the wild tantrum received almost 5 million views.

But is covertly filming your own wife at what was clearly a moment of extreme emotional vulnerability — in the video Whitney declares several times that she is experiencing "an anxiety attack" — a final act of desperation by a husband who's had it up to here? Or is just mean? An act of bullying even?

That's what Whitney said when she gave an interview to a website around the time that the video first went online. She explained that she was upset because the couple had planned to visit a lake that day to go out on a boat with some friends, but that James suddenly changed his mind and decided to run errands instead.

She didn't offer any excuses for her meltdown, but said that James had no right to record it on video, and definitely not to post it on YouTube, somethings he says caused her humiliation in front of her friends, family, and the world.

James also spoke out at the time, claiming that the screaming fit he recorded in the cell phone video was just the latest example of volatile behavior by his wife, and he was just plain sick of it. He did not acknowledge whether he played any role in escalating the tantrum — but said that he walked out on his wife later that same day and they filed for divorce after just 14 months of marriage.

He has no regrets about sharing the video with the world, he said.

So what's your verdict on the James and Whitney Mongiot "tantrum" video? A gratuitously cruel act of bullying? Or justifiable revenge by a husband at the end of his rope?

[Image: YouTube Screen Grab]