Check Out Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders’ Outrageous 404 ‘WTF’ Error Page [Video]

Democratic candidate for president Bernie Sanders has an awesome 404 error page on his campaign website. The 404 error page can be found at the URL:, which only further adds to lighten any frustrations a web surfer might feel if they stumble upon an error page from an inadvertent broken link on Bernie Sanders’ campaign website.

Bernie Sanders is there on the error page ready to make the 404 more bearable and offer his guidance on what the internet user should do next.

“Just scoot down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find your way back home to where you should be,” Sanders explains.

Mother Jones featured the 404 error page video and congratulated him on his internet win.

“Bravo, Bernie. The broken links may have turned into your first big win.”

Bernie Sanders has been a regular in the media since he announced that he would be running for president as a Democrat against Hillary Clinton in 2016. While Clinton faces repeated allegations about alleged dishonest behavior, Sanders has been creating excitement of the opposite kind. Sanders warned, “Don’t underestimate me,” while talking about his ability to score the party’s nomination, but his 404 error page certainly was a pleasant surprise for many.

Sanders also shocked the media after he managed to raise one and a half million dollars in the first 24 hours after announcing his candidacy, as Inquisitr previously reported.

“About 35,000 donors gave to Sanders’ campaign, averaging out to $43.54 per donor. Sanders’ website has collected more than 100,000 supporters, building what they consider a ‘mass movement.’ Previously, many predicted Sanders would struggle running against the overwhelming favorite for the Democratic Party nomination, Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

Mainstream media, stop calling Bernie Sanders “far left” or even “left.” Most of his political positions align with a majority of Americans.

— Nikhil Goyal (@nikhilgoya_l) May 27, 2015

Another fun surprise on Bernie Sanders’ self-proclaimed “really good website,” besides the hilarious 404 error page, is the blurb at the bottom which reads, “PAID FOR BY BERNIE 2016 (Not the billionaires).”

Since announcing his candidacy, Bernie Sanders has remained active in his current position as Senator of Vermont and continues to surprise his fellow members of Congress. Sanders recently introduced a new bill called the “College For All Act,” which would make college tuition at public colleges and universities free for all Americans who qualify for entrance. The free tuition would be paid for with a tax on Wall Street, not a tax on average Americans.

In fact, Sanders believes the election day should be a national holiday, so that more working Americans get a chance to vote conveniently, voted against the Patriot Act, favoring privacy rights, and supports GMO labeling. Sanders has been making waves for decades, so a clever error page on his website shouldn’t be that surprising.

Let’s face it, though — not everyone thinks Bernie Sanders is outstanding. There are some who aren’t impressed with every single thing he does.

Can’t support Bernie Sanders. I’m Mexican, gotta stay true to our support for Palestine.

— Good Ass Politics (@MexicAnarchist) May 23, 2015

So, what do you think of Bernie Sanders’ 404 error page on his campaign website — does it spark your curiosity to learn more about him?