#TakeThe100Challenge: Company Gives Each Employee $100 To Do Anything Kind, See What They Do [Video]

Nylon Magazine surprised their staff with a special challenge in the middle of a busy work week. The company called staff members to a meeting where they gave each person $100 to spend on whatever they wanted. The only catch was that the money needed to be used to do something kind for someone else. The results will bring tears to your eyes.

Nylon Magazine notes that staff members were unaware of what task was ahead when they agreed to attend a short meeting in the middle of a busy week. The staff members were hectically preparing to close an issue and were under a lot of stress. Therefore, employees were surprised when they were greeted with a special mid-week challenge by the company CEO Paul Greenberg. Staff members were told to take some time away from work and do something kind for someone else. The company then gave each employee $100 spend as they saw fit. The only catch was that the money needed to be used to brighten someone else’s day.

The employees each took a different approach, but each showcased the large impact that a simple act of kindness can have on another. From buying new socks and pizza for the homeless to giving an overworked taxi cab driver an extra special tip, each member of the Nylon Magazine staff took a little time out of their day to give back to their community and the results were heart-warming.

The company has now taken to social media and asked others to participate in the $100 challenge using the hashtag #TakeThe100Challenge.

Watch the video and let us know which act of kindness touched you the most. What would you do if someone gave you $100 to spend on anything you wanted so long as it brightened someone else’s day?

[Image Credit: Youtube]