Batmobile Spotted Chasing The Joker On 'Suicide Squad' Set

In another leak from the set of Suicide Squad, fans online are now getting their first look at the Batmobile in action through a car chase between Batman and the Joker. Ben Affleck is set to re-appear for the role.

The Batmobile shown in the videos is the same one being used in Zack Snyder's Batman v. Superman, which shouldn't be a surprise at all given that the two movies are confirmed to take place in the same universe. Though the new vehicle has already been seen in press images and leaks for the past year by now, these new videos are the closest look the internet has to Bruce Wayne's new ride in action. And while the new Batmobile's design has mostly been receiving unanimous praise from fans online, the shamelessly-flashy Lamborghini Aventador it's chasing is causing a more mixed discussion; with a borderline pink paint job being accompanied by neon lighting, the new vehicle raises even more mixed discussion for the Joker's new iteration. Played by Academy Award winner Jared Leto, Suicide Squad's Joker brings in the bright-green hair and tailored suit that cements his classic comic-book personality, topping it off with a "HAHAHA" license plate on the back of his car.
Considering that it's been seven years since Christopher Nolan introduced his more grounded iteration of the character, the backlash seen against the new iteration is inevitable - arguably even a repetition of the reaction to the leaks of Heath Ledger's Joker back before The Dark Knight was released. With how recently audiences have been accustomed to seeing a more realistic interpretation of the Batman's story, the general reaction is expected to be polarized; there is bound to be more discussion, however, with the feel of these upcoming films given how grounded the tone was in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel. When starting off on its cinematic universe, DC established a sense of reality that almost felt like it should include Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy With how much both Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad are shifting towards a graphic-novel feel, there's a certain anticipation present for the upcoming movies - and the lack of secrecy on the set causes even more anxiety for their success.One thing made abundantly clear in these videos (even being verbally observed by a few of the people taking them) is how slow the two cars are actually driving. With how much of a thrill audiences are used to experiencing anytime an encounter between the Batman and the Joker takes place on screen (Adam West and Caesar Romero coming to mind), it's a bit jarring to many of the people on site to see the two iconic roles in the middle of a slow-paced film set.

Suicide Squad is currently being in production, directed by David Ayer, and set for release on August 5, 2016.

[Photo by Warner Bros.]