Mariah Carey Deals With Bizarre Relationship Revelation And Very Low Debut For New Album

Mariah Carey is a diva with a crazy life and an alleged former lover, producer Damion Young, revealed some of the details. The Daily Mail has some of the details.

"Mariah lives inside a bubble. I lived inside her world for a while but I had to get out for my own sanity. The thing I remember most about being with her was the quiet and the loneliness. She didn't have many friends. For a long time I was her best friend."
Young reveals how everything in Mariah's life is all about herself. She would wake him up early in the morning and tell him he has to go to Korea with her, or else she's not going. He also revealed how Mariah Carey would refused to watch entertainment shows or read entertainment magazines because she didn't like reading mean things about herself. According to Young, Mariah barely had any normal interactions.
"She never even sees a bell person, never has any normal interactions. The only time she sees her fans they are screaming and pushing to get at her. It's frightening. It's life in a bubble. She's in a glass case. She went from being this very poor girl, no family background, into this machine. I was the only person she did trust."
Well, it's doubtful that Mariah Carey could trust Damien Young at at all now. In fact, it's pretty obvious that her lawyers contacted Young and told her he had to recant everything he said or face financial consequences, according to
"However, Young claims the romance story is completely fabricated and although he did speak to the Mail, the relationship quotes attributed to him are all made up."
Besides the revelation of her private life, Mariah Carey will have to battle her critics, who will no doubt chastise the singer for the chart debut of her latest album #1 to Infinity this week. It is expected to only move about 15,000 copies and could debut outside the top ten. However, one commenter gives a very legit reason on why Carey's critics need to back off after a previous article on the topic.

"The album is merely to accompany the residency; I am sure that no one was expecting it to sell billions or reach the top position of the charts. It is just easier for a singer to be in the public eye when they have something new to promote," Mr. Brandon Phillips says.

It's important to note that Carey's new album is, for the most part, a re-release of a greatest hits album which already charted well. Mariah Carey is clearly enjoying her Las Vegas shows and probably doesn't care if her album doesn't sell a lot in a market where nobody really sells albums anymore.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]