'American Ninja Warrior': 72-Year-Old War Veteran To Compete In Special Military Episode

American Ninja Warrior began its seventh season Monday night. According to competitor Kacy Catanzaro, this season is promised to be "bigger than ever."

On her People blog, Kacy shares there were 10 times the number of submissions this year over last year, which means lots of brand new competitors to watch. One of those newbies is also the oldest-ever American Ninja Warrior contestant, Chuck Mammay, from Oak Island, North Carolina.

WNCN reports that Chuck Mammay is set to appear in a special episode dedicated to the military. The 72-year-old fitness fanatic is a Vietnam War veteran who served as medical support in a field hospital. Mammy is excited to show the world that "age is just a number," and inspire others to "get up off the couch."

"It's something that I can't even tell people how excited I am. It's more than the ninja warrior now. It's part of paying tribute to the military. But the thing is, it takes a lot of dedication. I've been doing three to six hours a day of physical activity. It's not for the faint of heart."
The episode will be taped June 6 and air later in the season. Mammay submitted his audition video over a year ago. It's titled "In Your Face @ 71," and he introduces himself as "the toughest 71-year-old you're ever going to see." After watching his video, you're sure to believe him. As Chuck mentioned, he has spent most of his time since the audition preparing for his chance to shine on American Ninja Warrior.

While Chuck Mammay will make history as the oldest contestant, Kacy Catanzaro is back for her third season. She made American Ninja Warrior history last year after becoming the first woman to conquer the 14-ft. warped wall. In addition, she is the only woman to make it to the Las Vegas finals by completing a city finals course. Kacy was also recently honored with the "Heartfelt Moment" award at the Reality TV Awards.

Kacy and her boyfriend and fellow competitor, Brent Steffensen, talked about their nerves and excitement for the seventh season of American Ninja Warrior.

Kacy Catanzaro and Chuck Mammay share the goal of inspiring others. While Chuck hopes to inspire others to be more active no matter their age, Catanzaro wants to continue to inspire women everywhere to reach for their dreams. Steffensen said he has spent a lot of time "chasing" Kacy all over the country since her huge season last year. He boasted that after blowing the world away with her accomplishments, "everyone wants a little piece of her." He seems more than happy to support her wherever her success may take them, saying she's bringing massive attention to their sport. The American Ninja Warrior power couple didn't compete in last night's episode, but they will in a couple of weeks. Until then, they'll be checking out the other contestants while anticipating their turn to tackle the new course.

See American Ninja Warrior Mondays at 7 p.m. CT/8 p.m. ET on NBC.

[Image via WNCN]