WWE News: Scott Hall To Be Hired For NXT Role Soon?

Mark Suleymanov

In his latest relapse, wrestling legend Scott Hall appeared at an independent wrestling event intoxicated, raising questions of how legitimate Hall's comeback from addiction was. However, new details have surfaced via LordsofPain indicating that Hall's future may have bigger things in store.

A week ago, a video surfaced of the 56-year-old Hall in an intoxicated state, and reports revealed that the WWE Hall of Famer was asked by promoter Ricky Otazu to leave the show. Shortly thereafter, Hall was removed from listings that advertised him to appear for Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling promotion. The latter is reportedly connected to a potential spot that WWE has in mind for Hall at NXT.

LordsofPain's report mentions Al Haft, who is connected to the "I Believe In Wrestling" dojo that Hall has ties with. According to Haft, Hall being taken off the GFW listing was a way of GFW cutting the fat off their stacked shows and for Hall to not anger WWE with his latest gaffe.

"There was some talk at Jersey Championship Wrestling that Scott Hall was pulling out of Global Force Wrestling due to the size they were becoming and not wanting to upset WWE especially after Hall's WrestleMania appearance."

The Inquisitr reported earlier this month that there is a possibility of a working relationship between WWE and Hall involving an NXT role. In fact, in a recent interview, Hall appeared on the Kevin Gill Show and made it known of his interest in getting involved with NXT.

"I'm a huge fan of NXT. Believe me, my goal is to someday have a position there. So I'm throwing it out there to whoever is listening, like Triple H. I watch NXT all the time. I'm more involved in wrestling currently, than I have been in a long, long time. Because I have a son who's on the scene, so now we gotta watch NXT because those are his peers, those are his competitors, those are his co-workers, and maybe his buddy's down the line. That's who he's gonna be doing business with. We watch stuff from Japan, from the UK, so I am immersed... I feel more immersed in the wrestling scene than ever before. And it feels really cool because Cody is so excited and so young, and I get to vicariously live through him, and say whenever you have a question, I'm here!"

[Image via WWE]