Kookies: User Generated Fortune Cookies

Kookies offers a web 2.0 take on Chinese fortune cookies, complete with random fortunes and user generated submissions.

The site from Italy’s SnapLive offers users a number of choices. Users can start by reading their fortune which is delivered at random from Kookies’ database. Each fortune comes complete with the ability to vote positive or negative on the fortune given, star the fortune between one and five stars, or mark it as inappropriate.

On the user generated content side, anyone can submit a fortune and share that fortune with others. Each fortune is given a link that can be shared, and the site also supports sending fortunes via email to others. Unfortunately it doesn’t offer embedding, so I can’t show you a live sample.

Kookies will definitely not be the next Facebook or Google, but for a little quirky fun it offers some appeal, even if the prediction “Your Windows Vista OS will crash twice today” didn’t really fit me as a Mac user.