Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Baby Like a Bird… Regularly (VIDEO)

Believe it, it’s true (we have video to prove it). Actress Alicia Silverstone feeds her baby mouth-to-mouth, chewing little Bear Blu’s food for him, and then passing it into his mouth from her own.

Alright, this is your last chance to put down whatever you’re eating before you finish reading this article (and watching the video).

Silverstone’s unconventional feeding method for her 11-month-old is indeed strange, but perhaps even stranger, proof of practice was actually released by Silverstone herself. She posted both a picture and a video of the act on her website over the weekend, writing this of the experience:

“I just had a delicious breakfast of miso soup, collards and radish steamed and drizzled with flax oil, cast iron mochi with nori wrapped outside, and some grated daikon. Yum! I fed Bear the mochi and a tiny bit of veggies from the soup…from my mouth to his. It’s his favorite…and mine. He literally crawls across the room to attack my mouth if I’m eating. This video was taken about a month or 2 ago when he was a bit wobbly. Now he is grabbing my mouth to get the food!”


If you’re a parent yourself (or maybe just a hypochondriac) you might be asking if the practice of mouth-to-mouth serving is even safe. One doctor told Fox News that it may not be, as viruses and bacteria can be passed from mother to baby. Additionally, “there’s a certain ick factor here that needs to be considered.” The deputy editor of parenting site said that the video looks “like Alicia is making out with her son,” and furthermore, a family therapist has questions as to whether or not the practice is even psychologically appropriate (I have some of the same questions).

A nutrition specialist summed it up nicely, saying: “I think a food processor and a spoon are a better bet!”

Here’s the gut-wrenching video of Alicia Silverstone feeding Bear Blu like a bird. For some reason, I can’t wait to see the comments section on this one.