Bouncehouse: 3 Kids Hurt When Waterspout Comes Ashore, Tosses Inflatable Fun House

To the horror of Florida beach-goers, a bounce house with kids inside was tossed into the air by a waterspout that came ashore at Fort Lauderdale Beach on Monday. The tornado left three children and one adult hurt. The bounce house accident was caught on video and has gone viral, citing a CNN breaking news story.

On Memorial Day, people gathered at beaches across the Sunshine State. On this particular day, temperatures were forecast in the 80s, skies were mostly cloudy, and winds were about 15 m.p.h., according to the Weather Channel. There wasn’t severe weather threatening and nothing looked unusual. Otherwise, lifeguards that were on duty would likely have closed the beach for safety.

A person captured the moment the water near the shore began swirling around. It resembled the beginnings of a dust devil seen on land. However, as it neared the shore, it was obviously a waterspout churning in the water. Someone off-camera even yells out the name.

Suddenly, people began scurrying as the spout (now a tornado once on land) began tossing beach furniture about. It then headed directly for a bounce house used by kids on the beach. In a matter of seconds, the inflatable house goes airborne about 20 feet. People on the scene run towards the structure as it’s tossed violently about. Reportedly, the witnesses say kids were ejected from the bounce house and hurt after the twister hit.

After it was swept across a parking lot, the blowup house came to rest on a basketball court. Paramedics arrived a short time later and transported at least three kids to a local hospital. Two were not seriously hurt, but one child is possibly in critical condition.

Experts say bounce house injuries involving kids getting hurt are common, but thankfully don’t usually result in serious injury or death. Still, the fact that there are no safety guidelines in place is troubling to some.