WWE Rumors: WWE May Have Just Given Away The Return Date For Brock Lesnar

The return of the “Beast Incarnate” himself has been rumored ever since Stephanie McMahon put Brock Lesnar on indefinite suspension for demolishing the company. No one has said a thing about it and his name has actually been out of the mouths of WWE talent, but the company may have actually spoiled things and given away his return date unintentionally.

Rumors have stated that Lesnar will be back in time to have a match at SummerSlam, but no-one quite knows who it will be against. With that, it’s expected he will return right around the time of Battleground, which takes place on July 19.

Some believe he could show up at the event itself, but others feel he’ll be at Monday Night Raw the night afterward. Sports-Kings pointed out that WWE may have given away his return date.

On the night after Battleground, WWE will be in Kansas City, Missouri at the Sprint Center. As always, WWE puts up a small preview to let the fans know which superstars will be there, and that list is always “subject to change.”

Well, it’s usually spot on and with Brock Lesnar on “suspension,” it wouldn’t be expected to see him on there. Still, as of this weekend, Lesnar had his face plastered right in the list of “Included Superstars.”

Since someone took notice of it, Lesnar’s face was removed.

brock lesnar return wwe spoiler

Along with these six, the site now has Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, and The New Day listed. Sure, there will be more showing up too.

When Lesnar does return, he is expected to head after Seth Rollins and try to get back the WWE World Heavyweight Title. He could also go after Randy Orton, as rumored, but the exact reason wouldn’t exactly be known for that hunt.

It’s not like Lesnar needs a lot of time to build up a feud in any way at all. Him returning a month before SummerSlam gives him more than enough time. Now, with WWE letting his return possibly slip, they may change it up a bit so the Internet isn’t ahead of them.

Paul Heyman could make his way out at any point and start things up for his client, “BROCK LES-NAR.”

The wrestling fans of the world are ready for Brock Lesnar and want to see if any of these plans/feuds are possibly in his immediate or distant future. WWE accidentally letting his possible return slip for after Battleground may have them scrambling now, but it’s got the fans talking and hyped up with more rumors.

[Image via WWE]