Chris Soules Back On The Farm: ‘Bachelor’ Expert Says Wedding Not Happening

Chris Soules was in the spotlight quite a bit when he was on The Bachelor because he chose Whitney Bischoff over Becca Tilley in the finale. Once Chris was done with that show and had chosen a future wife, Soules decided to compete on Dancing with the Stars. Chris was gone from his Iowa farm for weeks, and the media went crazy with reports over his relationship being in trouble.

However, Chris Soules has made a big effort in keeping Whitney Bischoff happy. She recently went to Iowa to be with him on the farm. She has been balancing her work in Chicago with her spare time on the farm, and Soules was even teaching her how to ride a tractor. It sounds like they are both making an effort in making this relationship work.

According to a new tweet, Chris Soules is now back on the farm and he has been busy planting the seeds for the new season. And while Whitney was in Chicago on the weekend, he was trying to get as much done as possible.

There is one thing that Chris Soules and Whitney do differently. They are not very active on social media, and they could be trying to keep things private to see how things will work out for them. Chris has been tweeting lots of updates from Dancing with the Stars, but not many updates about Whitney. And this is why so many people think that there are troubles in paradise.

"They're never getting married, plain and simple. I don't know anything about what's happening now other than I see the same exact things you do on social media. Does he look like and is he saying things that make it sound like these two are spending the rest of their lives together? So yeah, I think you have your answer," Reality Steve has said about the couple.

Surely, there are some hurdles when you find a match on national television and then get little private time. However, according to the Inquisitr, Chris Soules and Bischoff were recently spotted back in Los Angeles for the Dancing with the Stars finale, and they looked very happy together.

It sounds like these two simply need some private time to figure out where they want to go together. There had been rumors that Soules wanted to stay in Hollywood, but he appears to be happy back on the farm and has revealed that Bischoff is his top priority.

What do you think of Chris Soules' relationship?

[Image via Instagram]