The Real Story Behind Google's 'Loretta' Commercial That Had You Crying During The Super Bowl

The NFL certainly had it right with the action on the field for Super Bowl 54, but there were millions tuning in for just the commercials. Many hoped to see action-packed, funny, hilarious, and advancing technology spots, but Google decided to go in a different direction. For those of you who happened to catch the "Loretta" commercial from Google, you'll want to know the real story behind it all after drying your eyes.

Halfway through the second quarter of the game between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, a commercial featuring Google's search engine appeared. At first, it seems like a common spot promoting one of the most prolific search engines in the world, but there is much more.

The 90-second spot has the voice of a man asking his Google Assistance to help him remember things about his wife, Loretta. She has obviously passed away, but he wants to keep all the things in his head that made her who she was even if it means remembering that she hated his mustache.

At times, you can hear him asking to remember the songs she liked or how they went to Alaska together to have some scallops. He giggles at times and wants to remember that Loretta "always snorted when she laughed," but who is this tear-jerking gentleman?

According to USA Today, the unnamed widower in the commercial has the voice of a real-life Google employee's grandfather. The employee contributed to creating the emotion-inducing commercial spot, and it was an entirely in-house production which means no outside agencies helped make it.

In a blog post from Google, Chief Marketing Officer Lorraine Twohill states that this ad has some things in common with their first Super Bowl spot from 10 years ago. She wanted people to know that "Loretta" and "Parisian Love" are love stories and told by real people through their products.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the "Loretta" commercial a number of times as it only gets sweeter with each viewing. Take a bit of advice from it, though, and heed the reminder given to apply to your own loved ones.

"Loretta always said, don't miss me too much, and get out of the dang house."
At the end of the day, there are many who will still support the San Francisco 49ers of Kansas City Chiefs even if they didn't win Super Bowl 54. Sure, it's important to know who won the game and will go down in the NFL record books, but the best commercials will be the discussion for weeks to come. You can guarantee that Google's "Loretta" commercial will take over the majority of the conversation and even more tears will be shed.