‘One Tree Hill’ Reunion: Show’s Creator Wants Cast Back For Reunion

Is a One Tree Hill reunion in the works? The creator of the show, Mark Schwahn, recently revealed that if he could get the cast back together that he would absolutely love to orchestrate a reunion for the die hard fans who desperately miss the CW series.

Hollywood Life reports that a One Tree Hill reunion may happen in the future and fans couldn’t be happier. Viewers of the show really want to see a full blown reunion with their former favorite characters, Lucas Scott, Nathan Scott, Haley James-Scott, Petyon Sawyer-Scott, Brook Davis, Julian Baker, and the rest of the gang.

Other characters that could possibly be included in a reunion could be Marvin “Mouth” McFadden, Millie, Skills, Bevin, Quinn, Clay, and the characters cast of children which included Jamie and Lydia Scott, Davis and Jude Baker, and Clay’s son Logan. However, the cast have all moved on to new things and are all very busy, which could be a big problem when possibly planning a reunion, which is something that Mark Schwahn knows.

“This is what I love—everybody always pins it on me! They love to pin it on me, but here’s the truth: The cast has been very successful, and if you look around, they’re all doing great things, which I’m incredibly proud of. Get ’em all in one place, and I’ll be there!”

Unreality TV reveals what some of the characters might be up to know if a reunion were to be filmed. Actor Bryan Greenberg says he thinks Jake would be still playing his guitar.

“Jake Jagielski is on the run, with his six string! He’s like in Mexico. I see him with a really long beard.”

Meanwhile, Nathan and Haley would still be living a great life with their amazing family.

“They live overseas. Nathan was becoming a [sports] agent, so I think they travel a lot. I think the family is happy and he balances home and work.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, fans of another teen drama, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, got a mini-reunion this week when Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan partied together at Alyson’s daughter Keeva’s third birthday party. With all the 90s spin-off series coming like Girl Meets World, Fuller House, and the Coach sequel series, it seems that everyone wants their favorite shows to return.

However, because One Tree Hill‘s finale took place in the future it could be tricky to bring the gang back, but we’d still love to see it.

What are your thoughts on the One Tree Hill reunion talk?

[Photo Credit: CW]