Federer Furious At Feeble French Security

Luke Sharma

Roger Federer is reportedly furious after there were multiple breaches in security in today's French Open opening rounds.

Federer was leaving the court following his straight sets thrashing of Alejandro Falla, when he was accosted by a court-invading man. Thankfully, the young man was only holding a phone and wanted a selfie with the (arguably) greatest player in the history of the game. Once the man had met Federer, he nonchalantly exited the court.

Of course, he was detained and banned from the rest of the tournament AFTER he had quite easily breached security protocol. He merely climbed onto court with no resistance to end up in the presence of Federer at the French Open.

Federer discussed the event with the press quite promptly.

"All of a sudden he was next to me, I didn't know who he was. He tried to take a picture and nobody's reacting, and I realize it's just some guy out of the crowd. Obviously not one second am I happy about it, It happened yesterday in practice, too. Then it was just a kid but three more kids came. And today on centre court, where you would think is a place where nobody can come on, [he] just wanders on and nothing happens. It happened during the finals in '09 as well for me. So I definitely think that something needs to happen quickly."

French Open organizer, Gilbert Ysern, was unsurprisingly nervous when he faced the press today but provided little to no answer to how they will combat this type of event.

"We made a mistake and it won't happen again. There is no reason for us to change security procedures. It was just a lack of judgment"

[Photo Credit: Associated Press]