Another UFO Spotted? Mysterious Lights Witnessed Hovering Over Deserted Countryside

A bright hovering UFO was captured in the Russian sky last week.

The seemingly stationary lights were recorded by onlookers, who were puzzled by the strange sighting of what appeared to be balls of light clustered together.

From the footage, the recording of the mysterious UFO may have happened at sunset — and when the person who was filming the incident zoomed out, the object appeared to be hovering over a deserted countryside.

According to the Mirror, the baffling white lights were witnessed in Russia’s Astrakhan region.

Since the video was posted to YouTube, there’ve been almost a hundred thousand views — with some commentators saying the lights were just Chinese lanterns or a flare, while others stated that it was another example of extraterrestrial life here on Earth.

“I think this could be the real deal… a number of reports of UFO sightings and personal witness reports link back to what is pictured here,” one viewer wrote.

[Image via Mirror/YouTube]