Iowa Caucus 2020 Live Results: Find Up-To-Date Totals From Start Of The Democratic Primary

The Iowa caucuses are finally here, and those who want to follow along live totals of the ever-changing results will have a few options.

The start of the 2020 Democratic primary comes with an extra dose of uncertainty as one of the largest fields in recent political history had made for an especially close race. Going into Monday's caucuses, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden were neck-and-neck for the lead in recent polls, but as many as three others were within striking distance.

The nature of Iowa's caucuses -- with voters getting the chance to pick a second-favorite candidate if their preferred candidate does not reach 15 percent support in the first round --- adds to the uncertainty. And the poll considered the gold standard in Iowa, set to be released late on Saturday, had to be scrapped due to errors in how the poll was conducted.

As the polling aggregator and analysis outfit FiveThirtyEight noted, there is still the potential that more recent events could be swinging voters.

"Overall, these last few surveys were fairly good for Sanders, but remember that on average, the polls show a pretty wide-open race. And there could be a polling surprise flying under the radar, as only two of these new polls included survey interviews from this weekend," the site noted.

"Moreover, because of the rules Iowa Democrats use in their caucuses, there are many moving parts that add to the uncertainty — voters' second choices and the realignment process where voters can switch their preferences could come into play."
There are some other changes to the Iowa caucuses this year that may affect the results. One is that caucusgoers will not be able to make a second choice if their first choice is above 15 percent on the first vote. In the past, these voters were still able to change their pick, making for a longer and more complicated process. Campaigns will also be able to know the results for the first vote, which could play into the narrative if one candidate were to win on the first vote but end up behind on delegates after the re-shifting takes place.
There will be a few different options for those looking to follow along with live results from the 2020 Iowa caucuses. The New York Times offers an interactive guide to results, including a county-by-county breakdown of the voting. For those looking for deeper analysis into the voting totals and trends that emerge over the course of the evening, FiveThirtyEight is offering a more in-depth breakdown.