McDonald’s Customer Clothed In Scuba Gear In Hot Water With Restaurant But Not Police

A McDonald’s in Michigan had enough of a belligerent customer who showed up in scuba gear and had a few beers to drink before walking into the restaurant, so they called the police on him.

According to MLive, the man walked into the McDonald’s on Front Street in Traverse City in scuba gear. Although it was odd enough, that’s not why employees at the McDonald’s decided the police needed to come and remove the man from the restaurant. It was because the man was causing a disturbance by yelling about something, but what he was yelling is unknown.

The scuba-clad man decided not to stick around long enough for the police to show up, so he left. When police arrived at the McDonald’s, they decided to see if they could find him. It didn’t take long for them to find the man, and it’s unknown whether the man was still in his scuba gear or not.

Once they caught up to the man, Detective Sgt. James Bussell said the man was warned that the McDonald’s did not want him to return to it. The police did not find the man to be intoxicated enough for arrest, said Bussell.

“As far as wearing scuba gear and having a couple of beers, that’s legal.”

The man was warned not to return to the McDonald’s and that was all.

Bussell did not have any information about how much scuba gear the man was wearing when he walked into the McDonald’s or why the man was wearing it. The police report did not detail the man’s clothing or why he was yelling inside the restaurant, either.

Bussell did say that the police are used to unusual calls, so this was just another one of those calls.

The 48-year-old man did not say why he was dressed in scuba gear at the time of the incident at the downtown McDonald’s, according to the Associated Press.