Viral: Waitress Groped While Taking Payment From Customer, Responds By Beating Him To The Floor [Video]

An incident at a Russian restaurant was caught on video after a patron at the bar decided to grope the waitress while passing his money to her. The man and his cohort gained the attention of the waitress as she stood in anticipation of new customers. After a few tries, they finally received her attention and shared that they wanted to pay their tab. The man on the right passes the money to the waitress and the video shows the fight that ensues shortly after.

At first, the CCTV video seems to show the man playfully handing the female waitress her money, but it is unclear exactly what he is doing with his strange hand movements. Upon closer view, it can be seen that the man is attempting to shove the money down the waitresses shirt and groping her breasts while doing so. Rather than smile, move on, and feel ashamed for allowing it to happen, the waitress smacks the man right off of his bar stool, according to the Mirror.

The man picks himself off of the floor, as his friend watches in disbelief, and approaches the waitress, shoving his hand between her legs and buttocks, intent on one last feel before leaving the bar. However, the waitress acts again and punches the man in the face with a menu, knocking him to the floor, where is stays as staff comes to see if he is okay, as seen on Metro.

The incident occurred quickly, so it may appear as though the waitress blatantly attacked the man as he attempted to pay her. Her attack seems to be unprovoked and unnecessary, as though she snapped after a long night of work. However, a review of the video, with close attention paid to the gentleman on the bar stool, it can be seen that he initiated the attack as he rudely groped the woman.

Waitresses are the targets of many types of abuse, be it verbal, physical, sexual, or more. Many push it aside as a part of the job, hoping that abiding by the abuse will result in more tips to assist in compensating for their meager hourly pay. However, the Russian waitress, who has remained unnamed, shows that the abuse that may be received is not something that should be tolerated. Her tactic of attacking the man may have been extreme, whereas calling the police may have been a better course of action.

[Photo Courtesy: Mirror U.K.]