France’s Francois Hollande Stands His Ground Against Vladimir Putin, World War III Near?

France’s Francois Hollande is no big fan of the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Hollande’s foreign policy towards the Russians have been particularly cold, especially with the increasing tension growing within Europe over Ukraine.

Hollande recently spoke out against the ceasefire violations in eastern Ukraine, after speaking briefly with his Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko in Germany.

“There are ceasefire violations today and that’s unacceptable. There is a risk of fresh unrest and we need to warn them of that.”

There is already growing tension between France and Russia. Putin’s tactical movement in Ukraine has brought sanctions such as minimizing Russia’s economic influence in the E.U. and has already suspended the visas of many Russian defense contractors. It has grown even more complicated with the sale of the Mistral Amphibious Assault Ships for Russia. Last year, France fired the man in charge of the sale.

The U.S. Congress has already urged Francois Hollande to sell the warship to NATO rather than Russia. Francois Hollande may be already willing to do so with the French President wary Russia’s intentions for Europe.

The position taken by Francois Hollande could push World War 3 near the center of Europe. There have already been World War III predictions made by influential U.S. billionaire George Soros. Hollande already has two viable allies in the United States and Germany, both publicly spoken out against Vladimir Putin’s crafted move in Ukraine.

There is another factor that could push World War III near with the upcoming French presidential elections. Francois Hollande’s rival is none other than Nicolas Sarkozy, who is deemed as a close ally to the Russian President Vladimir Putin, and Marine Le Pen, who have defended Putin’s annexation of Crimea.

According to Thomas Gomart, a specialist in Franco-Russian relations, France is already split between those who are for and against Putin. However, he believes that the latter are already winning.

“There are two camps in the French establishment: the so-called Gaullist line which sees Russia as a partner in an enlarged, continental Europe; and those who are much more critical of its record on human rights, and its historical revisionism in Ukraine.”

In 2014, Hollande played a diplomatic role when U.S. President Barack Obama and Russia’s Vladimir Putin refused to meet. Hollande dined with the two leaders separately that evening in order to keep both leaders apart.

Now that Francois Hollande has spoken out against Putin and will actively seek to pressure Russia economically and perhaps militarily in the near future.

[Photo by Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images]