Police: Dad Injected Liquid-Plumr Into Child’s Colostomy Bag

A Northampton, Massachusetts, dad is accused of using Liquid-Plumr to poison his 7-year-old daughter. CBS News 6 reports that 32-year-old Christopher Conley has been charged with attempted murder by poisoning, along with a charge each of assault and battery upon a child resulting in substantial bodily injury, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon causing serious bodily injury.

Fortunately, the 7-year-old child survived the alleged attack, which is said to have occurred in April of this year. Earlier reports say that the man first denied injecting the pipe cleaning fluid into the sick child’s cecostomy tube. However, the Daily Journal reports that Conley admitted to poisoning his 7-year-old daughter. He reportedly told investigators that he gave her a cocktail of prescription painkillers and Liquid-Plumr because he wanted to put an end to her suffering. The child was reportedly ill, but no clarifications have been made about her medical condition. However, MassLive reports that the child is still in serious condition with “extensive internal injuries.” She has so far had to undergo surgery to remove parts of her intestines and bladder.

This is not the first time a parent has used poison as a means to murder his or her children — or attempt to, as this story illustrates. Back in January of this year, a woman, named Krystle El Khatib, was arrested after she allegedly poisoned her children’s apple juice with anti-anxiety medication. Her son acted as a witness by telling investigators that she threatened to beat them if they refused to drink the drugged drinks. A Florida woman was also arrested in the past for trying to force her children to drink toilet bowl cleaner.

As for Liquid-Plumr, it’s been mentioned in tragic news reports in the past. A Florida man and his family were sickened in 2005 when he used a mixture of the pipe cleaning solution with other household chemicals to unclog his kitchen sink. The mixture resulted in a mustard gas situation. There are also cases of the household cleaner being used in suicides and suicide attempts. In the year 2000, a Florida man assaulted a woman and then tried to commit suicide using Tylenol P.M. and Liquid-Plumr. The attempt failed, but likely leaving him wishing that it didn’t.

It’s clear that this is a dangerous chemical that can be used terribly wrong if murderous intent is present. However, is Christopher Conley telling the truth when he says he poisoned his daughter to put her out of her pain and suffering?


[Photo: Liquid-Plumr warning label via New York Daily News]