March 11, 2017
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Will Cowboys Sign Ray Rice Or Pursue Trade For Adrian Peterson?

The Dallas Cowboys have Darren McFadden as their primary running back for 2015 and Joseph Randle is their second back. Many fans, and experts, don't believe that those men can get the job done. Rumors of a trade for Adrian Peterson or Matt Forte have been in place, but would the Cowboys go as far as to sign Ray Rice?

Rumors of a trade for Adrian Peterson have been going on for months now, and nothing has happened or may ever happen. Still, they persist, but it would take a lot to get done -- such as a lot of money and the Minnesota Vikings agreeing to even trade him.

Now, the rumors have Matt Forte on the table as the Cowboys could get a better running back and the Chicago Bears could get something before losing him to free agency next year. Still, they are just rumors.

With a plethora of options out there for available running backs, there are none that could really make the Cowboys better by themselves. There is one back out there though that is readily available, and just needs to be signed.

ray rice dallas cowboys rumors

Sports World Report believes that Ray Rice is a viable option for the Dallas Cowboys. He's now out there and a free agent after completing his pre-trial intervention program and his NFL suspension was overturned.

As reported by TMZ, Ray Rice doesn't even have a domestic violence offense on his record as of two days ago. The charges from the elevator beating of his then-fiancee were officially dropped and expunged from his record.

Rice's deal that he struck with prosecutors lowered his charges to simple assault, and not felony aggravated assault. He was in a supervised intervention program for 12 months and paid a fine of $125, but now, it's all in the past.

Ray Rice can play for any NFL team that is willing to sign him. He still has some good years of football in him, and would likely make any team instantly better on the field, but what about in the locker room?

What about off the field? How would the fans take to a team signing him?

The Dallas Cowboys may not want to take the chance of signing Ray Rice and facing the extreme backlash that many could throw at them. It may actually be more beneficial for them to full-on pursue a trade for an Adrian Peterson trade, and just see if it happens.

Some of the other free agent running backs out there are:

  • Pierre Thomas
  • Ahmad Bradshaw
  • Ben Tate
  • Benjarvus Greene-Ellis
  • Joe McKnight
  • Knowshon Moreno
  • Steven Jackson
Teams are about to start their OTAs and then training camp starts up in just a couple of months. If the Dallas Cowboys can't finagle a trade with the Minnesota Vikings for Adrian Peterson, they may have to look elsewhere, but it may be best not to look at Ray Rice.

[Image via The Impact Blog]