Elizabeth Hogrefe Accused Of Bashing Lover With Crowbar For Snoring

Elizabeth Ellen Hogrefe reportedly hates snoring. In fact, she hates it so much she may just fly into a violent rage if someone snores too much in her presence. At least, that’s what’s being reported by various media sources, including the Omaha World Herald. The 45-year-old woman reportedly faces a single misdemeanor domestic assault charge after she allegedly lost her cool with her snoring partner. Now she’s going to pay the price for an incident that clearly escalated out of control.

Hogrefe and her 58-year-old boyfriend had been staying in a motel in Lincoln, Nebraska, when the incident took place. Investigation Discovery’s Crimefeed reports that the 45-year-old woman used a crowbar to bash in her older boyfriend’s head while he slept because she simply could not handle the volume of his snoring anymore. The unnamed victim reportedly awoke during the attack to her yelling at him and hitting him with the heavy tool. She was able to land a few lucky blows over the man’s head and neck before he was able to wrestle free from under her.

Luckily, the man was able to stagger out of the motel room to a nearby convenience store, where police were called to the scene. He reportedly had more than one visible injury from the attack. Elizabeth Hogrefe was arrested and booked at Lancaster County Jail, where she is being held on bond in the amount of $10,000. In the meantime, there have been no reports indicating whether or not the couple are still calling the motel their place of residence.

This is not the only time a bizarre domestic violence case has gone viral in media reports. In 2013, a South Carolina woman was arrested after she beat and stabbed a man with a ceramic squirrel because he didn’t bring home any beer. In 2013, a woman attacked a man with a garden gnome, resulting in injury. The domestic dispute ended in bloodshed when the woman used a New Orleans Saints gnome to bash him over his head. Also, a Florida woman beat her husband with a shoe this year after catching him in bed with another woman.

Elizabeth Hogrefe has a lot of time to think about what she did wrong since she hasn’t been bailed out of jail yet. Her court date also hasn’t been published yet regarding this bizarre assault. As for the victim, he’s recovering but has not released any statements regarding the violent incident.


[Photo: Lancaster County Police mugshot]