Sweden Wins ‘Eurovision 2015,’ But Where Does Australia Place? [Video]

Well the glitz and over-the-top glamour of Eurovision is over for another year. Sweden has taken first place with their song, “Heroes,” sung by Mans Zelmerlow. Sweden was a firm favorite to win Eurovision 2015 but Russia certainly gave them a run for their money with their song, “A Million Voices,” sung by Polina Gagarina.

Russia’s Eurovision song was all about peace, likely an attempt at silencing the boos they received last year as a result of the annexation of Crimea. Sweden’s Eurovision song, however, was upbeat, perhaps an homage to ABBA and their winning performance back in 1974. Visually their Eurovision 2015 was stunning to watch considering Zelmerlow was the only one on stage. He interacted with visuals projected behind him and the effect was classy rather than cheesy.

But what about Australia?

For Australia, Eurovision is an event many actively enjoy every year, even though they are not allowed to enter. For many Australians, just having to get up at 5 a.m. AEST this morning in order to view Eurovision 2015 live would have been a struggle with so many also participating in Eurovision drinking games. However, for those that did, seeing Australian contestant, Guy Sebastian, belt out his song, “Tonight Again,” was something to behold. While Sebastian has been battling illness all week, his cold was pushed to the side in order to belt out Australia’s one shot at Eurovision glory. And he managed to nail it. And thanks to European support, Australia managed to steal fifth place in Eurovision 2015. You can check out his Eurovision rehearsal performance below.

But what were the other highlights of Eurovision 2015?

  • Conchita belting out not one, but two new songs — and a costume change mid-performance. While technically she only did one performance, with the true Conchita sass, she managed to perform a mash up of “You Are Unstoppable” and the dance-tastic, “Firestorm.” Her costume change occurred during “Firestorm,” and she revealed a stunning glittering top and pant set. Kudos go to Conchita for also having so many strobe lights that Eurovision had to issue a warning before the performance.
  • Russia announcing they gave twelve points to Russia. Well, actually they didn’t, but for a moment there we all thought they had until reassigning their Eurovision points.
  • And, still with Russia, every time they got points, the audience booed. Once again, probably in response to the annexation of Crimea.
  • The host country, Austria, got no points at all during Eurovision 2015. Not one. Not even Australia gave them points for allowing them to participate or having nearly the same country name.
  • Speaking of Australia, thanks to excited Australian Eurovision fans, the official Australian Eurovision hashtag #SBSEurovision (SBS is the network who broadcasts Eurovision in Australia) managed to trend worldwide during the delayed screening of the first semi-finals.
  • The other country that got nil points during Eurovision was Germany.
  • Girl on girl kissing action. Lithuania sang “This Time” for Eurovision 2015, and while the singers, Vaidas and Monika locked lips during the performance, it was the female back up singers/dancers that drew the most attention when they also went in for a kiss. Lithuania locks lips at Eurovision 2015

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[Image credits: Getty Images / Nigel Treblin / Stringer]