Katy Perry Reveals How Long It’s Been Since She’s Talked To Ex

Katy Perry has discussed how she will be releasing a new album by 2016, but one thing she doesn’t usually discuss is her relationship with her ex-husband, Russell Brand. That is until now.

According to the Mirror, during an interview with Australia’s Daily Telegraph, Perry let it slip that she and her ex don’t really have a relationship now.

Katy said, “He hasn’t spoken to me since he texted me saying he was filing for divorce.”

When pressed for more information, though, Katy shut down the question saying she didn’t want to talk about him, at least not in an interview.

“I don’t want to talk about him — my songs will say what I need to say.”

And her songs have said plenty. According to Metro, Perry penned “Ghost” about her ex-husband, revealing much with “the lyrics ‘And now you’re just a ghost; when I look back never would have known that you could be so cold.'”

The song also features a line that couldn’t be about anybody but Brand, saying, “You sent a text. It’s like the wind changed your mind.”

Perry and the British comedian originally met in 2009 at MTV’s Video Music Awards. They had what could be called a “whirlwind romance,” marrying in October of 2010 in India. The romance quickly went sour with Perry and Brand staying married for less than two years. The divorce was finalized in July of 2012.

When asked what went wrong, and more specifically, if Brand’s substance abuse issues were the main cause for their separation, Perry shared that she didn’t believe that was answer.

Perry stated, “No, not really.”

Perry then explained, “People are always looking for answers to pin those things down.”

Although the split had reportedly caused the star to “consider suicide,” Katy’s beliefs and plans have gotten her moving in a much better direction.

Katy said, “My attitude is: ‘Only forward, never back.'”

And moving forward she is. With a new album on the way that she hopes will be as big as Prism, Katy is surely excited.

“I’m excited by my own evolution,” said Perry.

And while she may be evolving, many believe that since she’s not talking about her past relationship issues, she’ll surely be singing about them with this newest album.

While it’s not a definite that she’ll sing about her ex, one thing is a little more certain; Katy Perry will not be hearing from Russell Brand any time soon.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]