Terrorist Charges Brought Against Man Who Squirted Own Blood At Nurses

A man who squirted his own blood at nurses in Minnesota has been charged with multiple counts of terroristic threats.

On May 17, Coon Rapids Police in Anoka County, Minnesota were called to the Mercy Hospital after receiving an emergency call from a secured mental health unit that specializes in treating mental health and chemically dependent patients. The particular patient in question, the one who would receive the charges of terroristic threats, was being at Mercy Hospital for a civil chemical dependency commitment.

Workers at Mercy Hospital believed that someone visiting 20-year-old Keagan Lee Johnson-Lloyd had brought the patient a syringe of heroin. Witnesses at the hospital stated that after the visitor left, Johnson-Lloyd started acting “erratically.” Johnson-Lloyd then attempted to flee the secured hospital unit by using the elevator. In the process, the patient “detained” a woman who was on the unit to visit another patient. Johnson-Lloyd terrified the visitor by using his body to block the woman from exiting the elevator. According to reports, several nurses were able to distract Johnson-Lloyd just long enough toe allow the visitor to escape the confines of the elevator onto the unit.

Most likely due to the effects of the heroin Keagan Johnson-Lloyd had shot into his body, the man went into a panicked state. According to staff members, the patient repeatedly stuck the needle into his arm, drew his blood up into the syringe, and then squirted it at several nurses. Terrified, nurses and staff members ran to hide from the repeated discharges of red liquid behind a safety area of protective glass, but Johnson-Lloyd would not stop. Again and again, the patient withdrew a syringe-full of blood from his arm and squirted it across the unit while nurses and staff members gasped and screamed. There were small gaps in the protective glass used for communication, investigators say, and Johsnon-Lloyd noticed them. After reloading the syringe again and again with blood, he stuck the point of the syringe through the communication gaps in the glass and continued to squirt the nurses with his blood.


When police arrived to Mercy Hospital, they found a literal bloodbath. Authorities found several nurses covered in blood resembling the climactic scene from Stephen King’s Carrie. At least one of the nurses had been shot in the eye with blood, and considering Johnson-Lloyd’s history as a prolific intravenous drug user, staff members are extremely worried about the possible transmission of blood-borne pathogens and other diseases. The nurses told the authorities that the patient had threatened to stick them with the syringe needle during the onslaught of squirting blood.

Police were able to subdue Johnson-Lloyd. The patient has been charged with three counts of terroristic threats, which, if found guilty could land the man up to 5 years of imprisonment on each count. In addition to that, Johnson-Lloyd could get three more years in prison for a false imprisonment charge.

The nurses that were squirted with Johnson-Lloyd’s blood have all been subjected to testing to check for possible disease contamination.

[Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images]