Aminah Jennifa Ahmed Dead Of Brain Aneurysm? UTA Grad Dies After Walk, Family Continues Legacy

Aminah Jennifa Ahmed reached an important milestone in her life by getting not one, but two college degrees. Sadly, the UTA graduate died after her diploma walk. A formal cause of death for Aminah has not been declared. Meanwhile, family members of the dead beloved grad are carrying on her philanthropic legacy, citing an 11Alive news report.

Last Friday for Aminah, 22, and many other of her peers, the day had come: They would finally get the reward for their hard work, long and sleepless nights, and preparation for life after college. Ahmed’s friends and family showed up to watch the young graduate take the walk to get degrees in biology and business. According to Shahina Ahmed, a cousin of the dead woman, they couldn’t have been prouder.

“We watched her walk, and I shouted at the top of my lungs for her.”

Little did anyone know that Aminah Jennifa Ahmed wasn’t feeling well. After the graduation ceremony, it became apparent that something was ailing her. She complained of a headache and suffered two vomiting episodes: one at the campus and one on the ride back to their home.

However, she calmed her concerned family members by dismissing her ailment as stress from graduation day. She then took a nap on the couch. Later, her father, Shamsul Ahmed, checked on his daughter and realized her breathing was labored. Aminah was rushed to a local hospital and placed in an intensive care unit on life support. Days later, the man’s daughter was dead.

“There was zero symptoms, zero signs, zero everything [before graduation day,]. She said she had a headache and throwing up, and that’s it. You hold on to that faith and you know you’re OK with that, but then, at the same time, your world is just kind of tumbling.”

At the time of this writing, there has been no determination of what killed the young college graduate. However, several health care practitioners weighed in and believe Ahmed suffered a fatal brain aneurysm. Unfortunately, the symptoms are insidious and often come on without warning.

Ahmed’s family set up a GoFundMe campaign when she was still on life support. The fundraising effort, called Aminah Sees, was created to use the young woman’s fight for her life to bring awareness to the things she held close. In life, Aminah was driven to be of service to others. In her short life, she made giving a part of her reason for living.

Her mission was simple as the project in her name described.

“She dreamed of enabling millions of destitute children throughout South Asia to gain clear eyesight. Yet this passionate girl’s dreams are on hold right now. On Aminah’s graduation from university she succumbed to a brain hemorrhage leaving her on life support…

“…We want to start off by making her dream of helping South Asian children get access to suitable vision care and glasses. Please assist this cause by making a donation or offering a prayer to allow a child to see Aminah’s vision come to life.”

On the death of Aminah Jennifa Ahmed, her father said, “Nothing comes close to her.” Undoubtedly, many would agree.

[Photo via gofundme]