Britt Robertson: ‘Tomorrowland’ Star Discusses Her Audition

Actress Britt Robertson opened up in a recent interview about the audition process that led to her leading role in the recently released Disney film Tomorrowland.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a lot more was involved with her getting the part than just a one-day script reading with director Brad Bird.

“I auditioned over the course of eight months. I was shooting a film in New York and I put myself on tape. Then I flew back to L.A. a few times, and then finally they asked me to do a final test with [co-star] Raffey Cassidy and Brad [Bird]. I found out about a week later that I got it.”

Chances are that Britt Roberson was overly excited when she finally got the part — especially since it marks the actress’ first leading role big-budget Disney film. As an added bonus, Robertson had the chance to star alongside A-list actor George Clooney in the major motion picture.

Brad Bird and Disney apparently wanted to make sure that absolutely nothing about Tomorrowland leaked to the media, which is why everything about the film was treated just like a top-secret mission.

Even though she is the leading actress in the movie, Robertson admits that even she was kept out of the loop on a lot of the important details about the movie at first.

“I didn’t get to read the whole script until the very end of the audition process. And then once I got the part, they didn’t release the script to me until I got to Vancouver. It’s a really cool, innovative movie, and I think they just wanted to keep it all on lockdown.”

The 24-year-old actress is very likely to make waves in Hollywood with the release of Tomorrowland — especially if the estimates of box-office success for the film during Memorial Day weekend are accurate.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Robertson mentioned that she received great advice from her co-star George Clooney about how she should handle her movie career going forward.

“He said to me, ‘I know you’ve had a really long shoot… but keep going. Don’t just ride on this movie and hope that it does something good for you; get some momentum.’ He mentioned [his The Descendants co-star] Shailene Woodley, who didn’t just let that movie carry her. She found other projects that she was just as passionate about and made a career for herself.”

Britt recently added her name to the growing list of leading actresses cast in movies based on Nicholas Sparks’ novels with the release of The Longest Ride starring Scott Eastwood and Alan Alda.

Acting since the age of 10, Britt Robertson could likely use her Tomorrowland role to skyrocket her resume to new heights in the years to come.

[Image Credit: Manuel Queimadelos Alonso/Getty Images]