Usher Files Restraining Order Against Woman: Singer Heads Back To Court For Third Time

Usher wants a new restraining order against a woman who has been stalking him since 2012. The singer has been to court three times since then because he fears for his safety and the safety of his children. According to Electronic Urban Report, the rapper went to court on May 15 to ask for a new restraining order against Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw.

This time, the court documents are asking “the court to prevent Darshelle Jones-Rakestraw from contacting him or being within 200 yards of him, his family or his business associates.” In these new papers, Usher revealed that he fears “criminal trespass and even more harmful events may occur in the future.”

The woman has shown up at his home, and she has stated that she is married to the singer. According to the Daily Mail, the woman showed up at Usher’s home and demanded to be let in.

“When police were called they warned her not to come back, but she returned the next day and tried to convince law enforcement she was Usher’s wife and claimed she had just mislaid her keys. However, police did not believe the story – because Usher is not married – and placed her under arrest.”

After her release, she posted a video on YouTube that reiterated her claim that she was Usher’s wife, and she planned to sue him for defamation of character. She said even more in the video, according to E! Online.

“I would like to make aware for my own purposes, that for the last year, at least since February 2011, me and Mr. Raymond have been exchanging finances through Western Union and Bank of America. I am not a stalker. I have been an advocate for Mr. Raymond and his family. He has been complaining constantly to me about his ankle pain, his headaches and his situation with obtaining custody of his children.”

In 2014, Darshelle contacted Usher’s attorney and demanded money. She told the lawyer to contact Usher and send her money.

According to, she told the lawyer, “I’m not playing with him. I’m tired of the games. If I can’t eat, he can’t eat.”

When she did not receive any money from Usher, she threatened him harm. She called his security before a Washington D.C. concert, and she told them that she was going to “get him” because he did not pay her the money she demanded.

Usher was granted a restraining order against the woman in 2012, but it expired in 2013. At that time, he did not file a new restraining order against the woman. Things were quiet, and she posed no threat until she started new contacts in 2014.

At Usher’s court appearance on May 15, the judge granted a new temporary restraining order with a new court date set for a few weeks from now. At that time, the judge could file a new permanent restraining order that will stand in place for five years, according to the SpreadIt.

This stalking situation has not stopped Usher from meeting his fans. He is behind a new Pepsi Challenge that will allow one lucky winner the chance to meet him on the set of his next short film this fall, according to Yahoo! Music.

The short film will include footage shot from the International Space Station. Those cameras will shoot footage of Usher’s fans around the world. Usher shared more about the project.

“I wanted to do something very unique that would actually cover the globe, we are actually going to cover the entire planet. I wanted something that would definitely push the limits. UrtheCast was something that was just that next level that was beyond any of our imaginations. We all have an idea of what space looks like but we haven’t really seen it through the eyes of this camera that is streaming live through space.”

Fans can submit their entries for Usher’s Pepsi Challenge now. What do you think of his alleged stalker situation?

[Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images]